Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

BitPrime collects personal information about individual users of its services (i.e. information about natural persons).

This policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect the information we collect about you.

For more information about your rights under the Privacy Act 1993 you should consult your lawyer or visit the website of the Privacy Commissioner

2. Definitions

In this privacy policy:

(a) “our”, “we”, “us” or “BitPrime” means BitPrime;

(b) “you” means you, being the person using our services and / or visiting our website;

(c) “services” means any goods or services we provide you with, or anything else we do for you, including, but not limited to, the access of our website.

It is important that you read this privacy policy in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions for using our services.

3. What information we collect about you

When you visit our website, we collect and store the following information:

(a) the IP address of the machine you use to access our website, and the domain name you use to access the internet;

(b) your operating system, the type of internet browser you use, and any search engine used;

(c) details about the way you browse;

(d) any online transactions made;

(e) the time and date of your visit;

(f) the website pages (URLs) that you visit;

(g) the domain name of website you visit when you leave our website.

(h) transcripts from Live Help chat sessions

(i) emails sent to us

(j) phone call logs and call recordings

4. What we do with your information

 The information we collect helps us measure the number of visits to our website. Amongst other things, it also helps us measure the effectiveness of aspects of our website, such as the reach of different advertising.

Collated data may be published by us. However, none of the information published discloses specific information about any individual machines or users, except as otherwise stated below.

We do not sell information which identifies you personally.

However, we may gather more detailed information if we are concerned, for example, by security issues. If we consider it necessary, we may disclose this information to the appropriate law enforcement authorities such as the Police or the Department of Internal Affairs.

Where you choose to provide us with personal information such as your contact details by, for example, filling in an order form, that information may be used to communicate with you about other services we provide you with or which we think you might be interested in. This includes, but is not limited to, email marketing.

Personal information is stored and used in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

When you access our website, a cookie is saved on the hard drive of the device you use to access the website. A cookie is a file which allows us to track and target the interests of users. For example, this helps us provide advertising which is more relevant to your interest. The information collected by cookies are shared with third parties (such as our advertisers). However, the information we share is collated and consequently anonymous. We do not share personal information which is likely to identify you. However, the information we share may be used to provide you with adverts about our products when you use our website, or visit third party websites.

We also utilise personal information in conjunction with Google and Facebook. Is this case their privacy policies apply: Google Privacy and Terms, Facebook Data Policy

For the best experience using our website, we recommend that you enable cookies when accessing our website. This will help you to enjoy all the features of our website. However, you have the choice about whether you want to allow cookies to be saved through your browser settings. You will need to consult the help menu of your specific web browser to control your cookie settings.

5. Your rights to your information

Any personal information we collect about you will be stored in a way that makes it accessible. This means that if the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, then you can ask us to correct it.

We will make your personal information available to correct, as required by the Privacy Act 1993. We may require you to provide proof of identity before you can correct information held by us about you.

Where you request to correct your information and we consider the request reasonable, we will make the correction. If we do not consider the request reasonable, we will not make the correction but we will take reasonable steps to record that you asked for a correction.

Under section 50 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing Terrorism Act 2009, it is a legal requirement that BitPrime retain your identity and verification information for a 5 year period from the date that your account is closed.  Once this 5 year period is over, we will delete your records.  

If you want to update the personal information we hold about you, such as your contact details, you can contact us by emailing us at

We may charge you for the costs of correcting your personal information, or for making that information available to you.

6. How we protect your information

We will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, loss or other misuse.

While we will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information, personal information provided by you via the internet is done so at your own risk.

You acknowledge that any information that you share publicly on our website is publicly available. This includes when commenting on any pages or content hosted with third parties such as Facebook, YouTube, Medium, Trustpilot, and Twitter.

Do not forget that if you follow a link from our website to someone else’s website, that site will have its own privacy policy about the way it treats information you provide.

When you make purchases through our website, or transfer personal information (such as logging in to your website account), make sure you can see a ‘padlock’ symbol shown on your web browser. This indicates there is a certificate of authenticity and means the website is secure. You can open the certificate for further details by double-clicking on it.

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect the security of information transmitted on our website. We use SSL with VeriSign Authentication Certificates

7. How you can opt out

If you do not wish to receive email marketing you can unsubscribe by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.

If you have any difficulty unsubscribing please contact us by emailing

If you feel that we have used your email address without your permission and contacting us and has satisfactorily resolved your concerns, you can lay a formal complaint by emailing as at or by writing to us at BitPrime, 4 Ash Street, Innovation Precinct, Christchurch 8051.

8. Updates to this policy

We may change this privacy policy at any time by changing, removing or adding terms to it. Changes may mean issuing an entirely new privacy policy. Any changes will be notified by updating the policy which is available on our website. Any changes will be effective from the date it is published on our website.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us on

Last updated: 07/02/2018

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