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Place orders 24/7 with BitPrime

You can trade through our website, 24/7/365. This includes placing both buy orders and sell orders for every currency listed on our All Coins page.



If you use POLi to pay, you’ll usually receive your cryptocurrency within 30 minutes maximum, provided you have paid from the same bank account you have registered with us. Our records show that just under 95% of POLi transactions are processed automatically within 5 minutes.

The exception to this is for ALL first-time orders, where you have paid from a bank account that isn’t registered on your BitPrime profile, or if the third-party payment provider doesn’t send us your full account holder’s name and account number, or for orders of a significant size (these require a second signature from us). These orders are held until we have the payment fully cleared in our bank account to confirm the account holder’s details match what your statement shows. Additionally, your order may be delayed if we need to confirm which network the cryptocurrency is being sent to.

If a POLi order has to be manually processed, we’ll try and send it within 60 minutes between 10 AM – 10 PM, seven days a week, provided we have all the information required to confirm the payment came from your registered bank account.

If you would like to register an additional bank account to your BitPrime profile, please email with a PDF copy of the relevant bank statement. If you pay from an account other than those registered, we will email you requesting a statement upload.


Bank Transfers

If you pay by a direct bank transfer, your order will take longer to process as we need the funds to clear into our bank account first.

If you placed an order before 8 PM, it should clear by 9 AM the following business day. Then, your order will be processed.

If you placed an order after 8 PM, it should clear by 1 PM next business day. Then, your order will be processed.


We do not send out any coins without first receiving payment and confirmation of the bank account your payment came from.

We make no guarantees about delivery times, but we will always endeavour to get it to you as soon as possible.

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20 thoughts on “Order turnaround time: When can I trade and how quick will I receive my order?”

  1. Hey, dont tell me i’ll get a payment processed in 15seconds with POLI and then I dont have it the next day after 12 hours. Don’t say it’ll process within 60mins in business hours secondarily and then not do it.

    You should change your website to reflect the actual timeframe or people will be getting annoyed straight off the bat when you don’t live up to your claims, like I am.

    • Hey Liam,

      First-time orders are always held to check the payment came from the bank account you registered with and to confirm the bank account is in your name. As this was the case with your order, I then whitelist those details for future orders to be processed faster 🙂

      Also, bear in mind that when you receive the auto-completion email from us, that is when we have set up the transaction from our end. How long it then takes to arrive in your wallet depends on the block times of the currency in question.

      Hope that helps explain why your first order took longer than you were expecting!


  2. literally 1 minute after I posted, the payment processed, so thank you. either I jumped the gun, or you guys are really fast responding to comments 🙂

    • Hey again!

      Haha, this made me laugh. I’m pleased that your order is now completed.

      Let me know if there is anything else you need help with 😀

    • Hi Ben,

      I trust you have received my email regarding this and by now I assume the coins are also showing in your wallet.

      As above, we can’t guarantee delivery times, but we always send transactions as soon as humanly possible.


    • All orders are now up to date. Please contact us via the support window if you haven’t received your order yet. Thanks for waiting.

  3. Hi there, first time user. I am just wondering how long it will take for my order to be processed? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Rikihana, all orders are now up to date, so you should have received all of your coins. Please contact us via the support button on the bottom right if the coins haven’t arrived yet.

  4. Hi I did 3 time purchase from you doge coin. I had received 2 time very next business working day in my wallet.
    However my 3 transaction I had made it’s been 2 days I haven’t received my coin in my wallet.
    Look like there is some confusion I am getting email from you regards ticket is closed. ( it might be previous order.)
    Please check my last order and proceed I had made payment on same day. Attached proof of bank deposit. Plz check my email.

    • Hi Mustafa, we’re sorry that there was some confusion in regards to your order. It appears resolved on our end. If it’s not fixed yet, or you have further questions, please just let us know.

  5. I posted an order for Cardano on the 7/2/2021 and am yet to have any update on this. If its going to be delayed can you please advise this?

    • Hi Stephen, we’re very sorry that it was delayed. It appears resolved on our end now. Please get in contact again if you have any further issues or questions. We appreciate your patience!

    • Hi Connor, from our records, the DOT should have been sent to you. If it’s still pending, please send us an email to with the order ID number. I’ll keep an eye out for emails coming from you & make sure to get it sorted ASAP.

    • Hi Sameer

      As I said via email, unfortunately in this case Binance (who supplies us your coin) is down for maintenance. The team are monitoring it closely and will send your order as soon as we possibly can.



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