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Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses

A cryptocurrency wallet address can be a confusing topic when you first begin your crypto journey, as most coins have different addresses formats. Of course, these vary in characters, numbers and length.

For example, Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens built on the Ethereum network have a wallet address that starts with 0x (zero-x), includes numbers, upper-case and lower-case letters, and are 42 characters long.

Alternatively, a Bitcoin address starts with the number 1 or 3. They include numbers, upper-case and lower-case letters, and are generally between 32-34 characters long. See below for examples of what a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet address looks like.

Bitcoin – 1GjDMGrvdw15uTRbBQNA2ExCxL8GepkM32

Ethereum – 0xf253fc2ca37c078436d07fb75e5a76a649892172


Your wallet is like an email account for your cryptocurrency; you share your email address but not your password. Your public keys/wallet addresses are like your email address, and private keys are similar to the password you use to login to your email. You give out your wallet address so that people can send you coins much like how you provide your email address to your contacts to send you messages.


Case Sensitive

Often, wallet addresses are case sensitive. Therefore, all characters must be correct when sending or receiving coins. Hence, we strongly recommend copying and pasting wallet addresses every time you enter one to ensure the characters and cases match. Manually typing out wallet addresses can lead to errors and, bear in mind that crypto transactions are irreversible so if you enter an address that isn’t yours, no one can retrieve coins sent to the wrong place.


gif showing crypto wallet address and how easy it is to send from the top 10 bitcoin wallets
Sending crypto is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Wallets

For a more detailed rundown on crypto wallets, make sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Wallets.

In the guide, we cover topics including:

  • How a cryptocurrency wallet works;
  • The different types of crypto wallet;
  • What features to look for in a crypto wallet, and;
  • How to keep your wallet secure.

We have many other articles in our Knowledge Base covering wallet faqs, set up guides for popular wallets and troubleshooting tips for when you need help.

Additionally, here is an article to help you ensure you have the best crypto wallet security practices in place.

If you have any questions, queries, or issues regarding wallet addresses, please contact us.

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