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What does BitPrime do?

BitPrime operates as a Cryptocurrency retailer. Rather than facilitating a trade between two parties similar to a brokerage, we sell directly from our own reserves. Our site is built in a similar fashion to online shopping. Customers can browse products (coins), add them to their cart and checkout (pay) all at once. Not only do we offer buying services (customers buying), we also offer selling services (customers selling), which can be processed through our site.

At BitPrime we understand the confusion involved with entering the Cryptocurrency space. Understanding lingo, setting up wallets and researching potential investments is challenging. We offer advanced customer support through various channels such as LiveChat, email, blog posts and personal support to help customers feel comfortable and secure before placing their first order.

We offer a variety of coins at competitive prices. These coins can be purchased through our site, or quoted for via a “buy submission” form. Our customer service is unmatched in New Zealand, so please contact us and we can help get you started.

What does BitPrime do

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