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How do I set up Exodus wallet on my computer?

Exodus is a multi-asset desktop-based crypto wallet available on Windows, Mac, and Linux and currently supports over 90 cryptocurrencies.

With Exodus, your data remains private as the wallet locally encrypts your private keys and transaction data. This means that it is stored on your own computer as opposed to an online server.

As well as having good security, Exodus incorporates a beautiful, customisable interface that makes your cryptocurrency portfolio look visually incredible.

In this video guide, we’ll walk you through setting up Exodus on your PC, as well as how to find your wallet address to receive coins and how to send them. While the layout in the video is from an older version of Exodus, the features remain the same.

If you’d prefer a text guide, please scroll further down.

We also have other Exodus guides covering setting up and pairing to the mobile wallet app and how to sync your Trezor hardware wallet to the Exodus wallet.

Text guide for setting up Exodus wallet (desktop version)

Step 1.

To set up the Exodus wallet, first, you’ll need to download it from the Exodus website:

The Exodus desktop wallet is available on most operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once installed, open the Exodus app and you’ll see your dashboard.

Step 2.

Make a backup of your wallet and set a password! Backing up your wallet is the most important thing you can do to keep your wallet secure and ensure you don’t lose access to your crypto assets. Don’t lose your backup phrase – it’s irretrievable. 

Click the small cog icon on the top right-hand side, then click on the Backup tab.

You’ll be prompted to set a password first and then move on to creating the wallet backup. Read all of the warnings displayed in each step of this process before moving on to the next part.

Now you will start the backup. Please write down the 12-word recovery phrase exactly as displayed, paying close attention to the spelling.

Next, you will confirm your backup phrase by selecting one out of the four words displayed.

Where do I find my wallet address in Exodus?

As an example, if you want to find your wallet address for receiving Bitcoin, click on the Bitcoin wallet, then click on the receive button. To copy your wallet address, click on the copy address button. Always copy and paste your addresses, and don’t try to type them out. 

Don’t forget that your receive address is different for different coins. Therefore if you want to find your Litecoin receive address, you can find it in the Litecoin wallet. In Exodus, the exception to this is any coin on the Ethereum network (e.g. erc20 tokens) as they’ll all share the same Ethereum address.

How do I send coins from Exodus?

If you want to send coins, the process is quite similar to finding your receive addresses. On the coin’s wallet page click on the Send button, then paste the recipient’s wallet address in the applicable field. Once again, please double-check that the address is correct. Remember, if you send coins to the wrong address, you can’t stop the transaction or reverse it.  

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