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It’s important to make sure that you are always running the latest version of the Jaxx Liberty wallet. This way, you can be certain that you have all bug fixes and, most importantly, the latest security enhancements to the app.

This article refers to updating Jaxx Liberty and not the Jaxx Classic wallet. If you’re still using the now obsolete Jaxx Classic, make sure you have your backup phrase and follow this link for a video guiding you through the process of migrating from the old Jaxx app to the new Jaxx Liberty wallet app.

How to Check Your Current App Version

Open the hamburger menu (three stacked lines in the top right-hand corner). From the menu, you can see which version of the wallet you’re running in the About section. In the image below, you can see that at the time of writing I am running version 2.6.1 #296. Often, when Jaxx releases an update you will receive a notification in the Bulletins section too.

Jaxx Liberty wallet app menu options.

Update Jaxx Wallet

To easily update your Jaxx Liberty wallet, visit their official site and download the latest version of the app for your desktop or mobile device. That page contains the most up-to-date download links for all platforms Jaxx is available on (Android, Google Chrome extension, iOS, Linux 32 and 64, Mac OS X, Windows). 


Ensure you write down the 12-word backup phrase prior to downloading any updates for your crypto wallet!

To view your 12-word backup phrase click menu (top right corner) > tools > backup wallet > view backup phrase. If you’ve set a security password for the app, you’ll need to enter this to view your recovery phrase.


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