How do my transaction limits work?

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Transaction Limits

When you sign up to BitPrime everyone is given the same transaction limits of $10k per day and $25k per month.

For the $10k per day limit this is done on a 24-hour cycle for example if you were to place a $10k order on Wednesday at 8.37pm your next $10k order can be placed on Thursday at 8.38pm.

For the monthly $25k limit this is a 30-day cycle for example you could place a $10k order on the 1st and another $10k order on the 25th but if you wanted to place another $10k order you would have to wait until the 31st.

If your order isn’t working please check your limits in your account, and check that you do not have anything else in your cart, if it is still not working try doing for example $4999 instead of $5000.

Increasing Limits

Customers can increase these limits by applying for enhanced verification under ‘my account’. This involves providing documentation verifying where the NZD has come from to buy or sell cryptocurrency outside of the given limits. Customers can increase their limits by as much as their documentation allows. BitPrime has introduced enhanced verification in order to comply with current AML/CFT regulations in New Zealand.

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