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What is a transaction ID and how do I find it?

A transaction ID or transaction hash is the unique identifier used to recognise one particular transaction on the blockchain. All on-chain transactions sent to or from an external address have a unique transaction ID, which is generally made up by a string of numbers and letters between 64-66 characters long. Here is an example of a transaction ID:



How can I view transaction details?

To view the details of a transaction visit a blockchain explorer. Generally, there a few blockchain explorers for each coin. Some well-known ones include:

If you are struggling to find a block explorer for a particular coin, Google ‘*desired coin* explorer,’ and one will show up. Usually, you can search for transaction details using the wallet address from the wallet that sent/received the coin, or the transaction ID.


Transaction details and wallets

Transaction details are often found within wallets. For example, Jaxx has a ‘Transaction History’ field within the wallet, which shows transaction details for all incoming and outgoing transactions. Exodus has a similar feature.

If you have any questions regarding wallets or transaction ID’s, please contact us via our LiveChat or email.

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