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Setting up Trust wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum & ERC20 tokens

The Trust wallet is available on all mobile devices and supports all ERC20 tokens, which are tokens built on the Ethereum network. For more information on ERC20 tokens and what they are, click here, and for a list of ERC20 tokens, click here. Follow the instructions below to download and set up Trust wallet.

Step 1.

Before getting started, you’ll need to download the Trust wallet application via the Google Playstore or App Store.

Step 2.

Once installed, select “Create a New Wallet”. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service then tick the box to confirm and press “Continue”.

You will be taken to a screen asking you to back up your wallet. Tick the box to confirm you understand that if you lose your recovery words, you won’t be able to access your wallet. Select “Continue”.

Create a New Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet setup image

Step 3.

Write your 12-word recovery phrase down on a piece of paper and make sure you store it somewhere safe where you won’t lose it. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! Do not store this phrase on your phone or computer; write it down somewhere you can’t lose it. We have a separate article covering more security tips for crypto wallets should you be interested.

Once you have your phrase written down, to confirm you have done so correctly, tap the words on the following screen to enter them in the correct order.

Trust Wallet setup image

Step 4.

Now your wallet has been created you can view your wallet address by selecting the currency you are interested in.

Trust Wallet setup image

Step 5.

To find your receiving address, select “Receive” and “Copy” to copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste your address into the relevant field on our product pages when you are placing an order.

Trust Wallet setup image

Trust Wallet setup image

Step 6.

Under the “Settings” menu, click “Preferences” and you can change your currency to NZD. Then, we highly recommend you set a 6-digit passcode for the app which you will use to open the app in the future. To do so, click “Security” under the “Settings” menu.

Trust Wallet Set Passcode Trust Wallet setup image

Step 7.

To add other tokens to your Trust wallet, click the menu option on the top right and select the tokens from the list displayed, or search a specific token using the search bar at the top.

Trust Wallet setup image

At the bottom of this screen, you can also add custom tokens by filling out the required information.

Trust Wallet setup image

If you run into any problems when setting up Trust Wallet, feel free to contact us for assistance. You can also visit the Trust Wallet official page should you need to.

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13 thoughts on “Setting up Trust wallet for ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum”

  1. Hi how do I enable wallet to swap from BTC to eth….
    Token icon for BTC doesn’t show?
    And is there a BTC CONTRACT Code I can copy into search?…
    I can’t find one…

  2. Hi dear , my trust walit showing erc20 powerbit ( PBG) balance 900 usd and up and down everyday same ETH market price. How can i get this money. Thanks and best regards

    • Hi there,

      PGB isn’t a token we support at this stage. Instead, you may be able to swap it for something like BTC or ETH and then you can look at selling that to us via a verified BitPrime account.


  3. My wallet won’t let me put erc20 token on it I have tokens that have been sent to it but it doesn’t give me ethereum option all custom turn out bep20 please help

  4. Yes, I have the same problem as I just got a new phone and set up my wallet again on the new one but it no longer gives me the option to choose the Network when adding a custom token so defaults to Bep-20.

    • Hi there,

      Do you mean a Bitcoin that is stored via the Ethereum blockchain?
      If that’s the case, it’s a WBTC token if it’s on the Ethereum blockchain, and you can use MyEtherWallet to swap it to other tokens.

  5. I have imported atomic wallet and some of my tokens that are supported by trust are not showing up. How do I fix this? How do I import private keys from atomic to trust if there is nowhere to put them?

  6. My trust wallet does not have Dex option to swap erc20 tokens. iPad user. Every video I see is click on Dex option. Well it’s not there!


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