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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you using or thinking of using MyEtherWallet (MEW), want a little more security with it but don’t have a hardware wallet yet?

Hardware wallets are the best option for security, but the next best might just be sitting in your pocket.

That’s right! You can now use MEW with your iOS or Android device. MEW is touting this as ‘the hardware wallet without all the hardware’, and it’s precisely that.

Let’s set it up and see how it works.

Step 1.

To start with, head on over to If you’re a first-time user, please follow this link and bookmark it, so you know you’re using the legitimate MEW site – MEW is a big target for the bad guys so always make sure you’re using the right link.

MEW Mobile

What you’ll see is above.

If you’re already using MEW, skip ahead as we’re going to start from scratch here.

Step 2.

Go ahead and click ‘Create A New Wallet’. Here’s what you’ll see.

As you can see, MEWconnect is already selected, and this is the platform we want to use to set this up on mobile.

Step 3.

You can head to the iOS App Store, Google Play or, you can hit the link below those two icons which will allow you to scan a QR code that takes you directly to the app.

It’s way more fun so let’s do that.

You’ll receive a pop-up offering you both iOS and Android links.

In this case, I’m using an iPhone and if you are too, open your camera app, point it at the iOS link shown above. For Android, you can use a QR Scanner app if your camera doesn’t automatically do this.

I’ll show you.



As you can see, you’ll be taken straight to the App Store and prompted to download the MEWconnect app. Download and open it up.

Step 4.

Next, tap on Create New Wallet.


Step 5.

Now, you will need to create a password. Now’s also a good time to grab a pen and paper as well as we’ll be writing a few things down.


As with any wallet, this paper-work needs to be kept safe and sound. I would even suggest duplicating it all and keeping it in two separate places away from your phone.

Enter your password again.

Step 6.

You’re now ready to finish setting this up.


Tap Start Using MEWconnect.

Step 7.

As you can see we now have a shiny new wallet set up with MEW…but we aren’t finished yet!

Step 8.

Time to back up. Tap the back up icon in orange on the top half of the screen (looks a bit like a bank card) and you will see the following.


Step 9.

Tap Back Up Now.


Step 10.

Tap Start.

This is where you put your pen and paper to work. After tapping start, you’ll be prompted to enter your password again.


Step 11.

Next, you’re going to be delivered a list of 24 words which will make up your recovery phrase.

Ensure you write these down in the exact order that they appear with no spelling errors.


Step 12.

Once you’ve written these down and clicked Next in the top right corner, you’re going to need to confirm the placement of four of these as you can see below.


Pass the test and click Finish up in the top right.

Go ahead and click Done.


You’ve made it! Now, how do we use this thing?

Step 13.

Right, so head back to the original link on your desktop.

Step 14.

This time click directly on the MEWconnect icon. This will give you a pop-up with a QR code to sign in.

Step 15.

Back to the app on your phone, tap ‘scan to connect’ which you will see at the bottom of the screen.

Step 16.

That will automatically take a snapshot, and you’re connected.

You can see across the bottom of your phone screen that you’re now connected to the web-app securely.

Once you’re connected, most options are available within the app.

If you click the ‘i’ in the top left, you’ll be able to find the following options.

Step 17.

We have guides on how to purchase through BitPrime, but you’re probably wondering where to find your wallet address.

It’s incredibly simple.

Click on the bank card icon on the top half of the screen, and here you are.

You have a choice of copying it directly or sharing it on other platforms. The latter may be handy if someone owes you some money, and you agreed to be paid in ETH as this option will send your address to most common social apps.

You can also tap the QR code as you can see above.

You may have seen that this guide has included screenshots of the pass-phrase. This wallet was set up for demonstration purposes to show you the full process, and by the time this has been published, will have already have been deleted.

Please never reveal your pass-phrase, password or anything security related to anyone when you’re setting up a wallet to protect your digital assets.

 Stern warnings aside, I hope you found value in this guide if you’re looking to use MEW in conjunction with your mobile. If there’s anything I’ve missed out, please reach out in the comments section below.


Evan Kitagawa-James

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