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Jaxx provides an easy to use, multi-currency wallet that is available on many different operating systems. As with all other systems that run a Jaxx wallet, you can easily pair your wallet between your different devices.

This article will guide you on setting up the Jaxx wallet Chrome extension. You can also use this Google Chrome extension on other browsers such as Opera.

Step 1

Navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for the Jaxx Liberty app. Click “Add to Chrome”.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 2

A pop up will appear asking if you would like to add Jaxx Liberty. After reading the text displayed, click “Add extension”.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 3

Once added to your Google Chrome browser, you will see the Jaxx Liberty heart icon appear in the top right corner with any other browser extension you have installed.

Click on this icon to open the app to begin the setup process for a new wallet. Click the orange “Create New Wallet” button (or you can pair an existing wallet if you have one on another device).

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 4

Once you have read the Terms of Service, click “I Agree”.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

You’ll now see a brief welcome message while the app does its thing.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 5

The most important part of setting up any cryptocurrency wallet is to secure your backup phrase. I cannot stress this point enough: without this phrase, you COULD LOSE YOUR COINS if you lose access to your wallet! Nobody can retrieve this phrase if you lose it. So, find a pen and paper, and when ready, click “Back Up Now”. I recommend you make two paper copies of this recovery phrase and keep one somewhere safe at home and one in another secure location.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 6

Carefully read this next screen – please, don’t gloss over these warnings as they are there for a reason. Tick the box and click ” Start Backup ” when you’re ready to continue with the backup process.

A set of four random words will appear. WRITE THESE DOWN ON PAPER. Continue clicking through and writing down the words that appear. You will end up with 12 words in total, your 12-word backup phrase. Please think of this phrase as the only key to a security vault; it is invaluable.

It is safest not to store your backup phrase on your computer or phone. We recommend writing it down on at least one piece of paper, preferably two, s mentioned in the previous step. You then need to store this paper somewhere safe where you won’t lose it. I will repeat this because of how important it is. Once again, if you lose your backup phrase, you can lose access to your crypto assets. Some people prefer to memorise their backup phrase, some have it etched into a piece of metal, so it can’t be destroyed or damaged in the event of a fire or flood. Decide what storing this phrase OFFLINE and off of a computer or phone works best for you.

Step 7

Now that you have your backup phrase written down, you need to type it back into Jaxx Liberty to confirm you have recorded it correctly. Note, the spelling of the words is in American English and not British English, so pay attention to words such as colour that won’t be spelt with the letter u.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 8

Now it is time to set your security password. Click on the hamburger menu icon (three stacked horizontal lines) in the top right to open up the wallet app’s menu.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 9

Scroll through the menu options and select “Security Password”, which is highlighted by a red warning symbol because there isn’t one set, and it is highly recommended to do so.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 10

Carefully read this page (remember, no glossing over it) and once you are finished, tick the boxes and continue to the next page.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 11

Make sure you don’t use a password that is used for other accounts. If you follow the password guidelines on the screen, you should have the Password strength indicator of five green bars. Confirm your password and click “Continue”. It can be useful to also write this password down on paper, provided it is stored somewhere it won’t fall into the wrong hands. Alternatively, you can use password management software such as Dashlane.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 12

Now that your crypto wallet is secure, it’s time to customise the app to suit your needs. From the banner at the top of the app, click “Proceed” to choose which wallets you would like to have visible in your app.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 13

The final thing I like to do is change the default currency to NZD (or whichever other fiat currency you prefer to use). To do this, open the menu again and scroll down to the “Settings” section. Click on “Native Currency” and type to search for NZD. Please note, these fiat values shown within the app are equivalents based on the average global spot market prices converted from USD. They are useful as a general indication of the value of your digital assets but do not necessarily translate exactly into the price you can get for your coins. When it comes to the realised value, you need to consider relevant fees such as foreign exchange fees, processing fees for whichever company you are selling to, and network transaction fees.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Chrome Extension

Your Jaxx Liberty wallet Chrome extension is now set up. Finding your wallet address is easy. Click on the wallet you wish to use and click “Receive”. Your current address will be displayed along with a QR code. Either scan this code or click on the “Copy Address” button to copy your wallet address to your clipboard. Remember, always copy and paste your wallet address and double-check that it transposed correctly.

If you run into any problems when setting up Jaxx Liberty, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. You can also visit the Jaxx Help Center to submit a support ticket with the official Jaxx team.

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