[VIDEO] How do I setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

How do I setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet?

Jaxx Liberty is a multi-currency wallet available as a desktop or mobile application across most operating systems, as well as via Chrome extension. With Jaxx, you can also import an Ethereum paper wallet. Private keys are encrypted and stored locally. Furthermore, Jaxx gives you permissionless-access (meaning there is no account set up) so your data remains anonymous.

Pros: Beginner friendly. Multi-currency. Free. Multiple platforms. Good privacy.
Cons: Can be buggy, though this has improved recently.


The following step-by-step video guide will show you how to install Jaxx Liberty on your mobile. The video highlights iOS, but it’s just as easy on Android 🙂

If you’d like a text guide, please scroll down below the video. If you’d like to set up Jaxx on your desktop, we have a guide for that here.


Hey again, this is a straightforward one so let’s get started.

First of all, head on over to the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store.  Search for Jaxx and then go ahead and download the Jaxx Liberty app as below.


Once downloaded you are going to see the following (obviously I have moved all my other apps off to the side for this demonstration).

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


Click on the Jaxx Liberty icon, and you’ll see the following.

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


Hit ‘Create New Wallet’.

You’ll be asked if you are doing this in private. As long as it’s just the family dog or cat looking over your shoulder, grab a pen and paper then click the checkbox and Start Backup.

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


As always, make sure to write down the phrase and keep it in a safe place/places. THIS PHRASE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


Write these words down and then hit “Next 4 words”.

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


And again:


Finish off by jotting these down and hitting “Confirm Backup Phrase”.

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


Next, you’ll need to enter the phrases you’ve written down in order of 1 – 12.


Once you’re done, go ahead and click confirm.


And here we are! Done and dusted.

Tap on “Jaxx Liberty Home”, and you’re good to go.

setup Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet


Here’s what you’ll see. This is your home screen. As you can see, this is customisable (if you want a hand with that, sing out in the comments section).


There will be more content to come showing you how to find your incoming wallet address for Jaxx Liberty for both desktop and mobile.

 As always, this wallet was set up for demonstration purposes and there ain’t no funds in there.

 If you’d like to see more content like this, please reach out in the comments section.



Evan Kitagawa-James

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