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How do I set up Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet?

Jaxx Liberty is a multi-currency crypto wallet available as a desktop or mobile app across most operating systems and via a Google Chrome extension. With a Jaxx wallet, you can safely store many different crypto assets, swap crypto-crypto and also import an Ethereum paper wallet.

Your Public and Private key pairs are encrypted and stored locally (on your device), which means Jaxx is non-hosted storage (a good thing!). Furthermore, Jaxx gives you permissionless access (read: there is no account set up), so your data remains as anonymous as possible.

The Jaxx Liberty wallet offers support for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and even Linux devices, and you can pair multiple devices to show the same wallet balance which is handy if you want to access your cryptocurrency wallet while out and about.

While we strongly suggest investing in a hardware wallet, such as something from Ledger or Trezor, for absolute peace of mind, Jaxx Liberty is a solid contender as far as a software wallet goes.

Pros: Beginner friendly. Multi-currency. Free to use. Multiple platforms. Good privacy.
Cons: It can be buggy, though this has improved greatly since Jaxx Classic.

The following step-by-step video guide will show you how to install the Jaxx Liberty app on your desktop to create a new wallet. Please note that this video includes the Windows operating system version. For a dedicated guide for Mac users, please scroll down to see the text guide below.

Set Up Jaxx Liberty Desktop Wallet on Mac OS

This text guide will be based on the Mac OS desktop version (but the set-up will be almost identical for a PC). If you’re looking to set up the mobile app version, you’ll find a link here for that guide.

 At this point, we’re just going to assume the Linux folks already know what they’re doing! 😉

Step 1.

 First things first, let’s head over to

jaxx liberty setup for desktop

From here, click on “Desktop Versions”, and you will see the following pop up:

Again, this guide was made on a Mac, so I am clicking the orange tab to the left, but choose whichever version is right for your computer.

Step 2.

This screen (or similar) will then pop up, and I suggest you save it to the desktop on either platform as you’re only going to use this once.

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

Once downloaded on the Mac, you will see the following:

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

Step 3.

Click once on the Jaxx Liberty icon and drag it across to applications (or double click to open and install on a PC) then head over to Launchpad and find the Jaxx Liberty App.

Approve it, and here is what you will see when it opens up:

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

Step 4.

Head to the hamburger menu (the three stacked lines) in the top right corner.

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

From here, click on Back Up Wallet.

Step 5.

Here’s your next screen. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR WALLET SETUP! Make sure you read the warnings and please, pay attention to them.

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

If nobody is looking, click the check-box and then the now orange “Start Backup” button.

Step 6.

You’ll see four random words. Write these, and the next eight down and keep them in a safe place (think fire-proof, damage-proof type place).

Obviously, click “Next 4 words” once you’re ready to go through. Here’s what it looks like:

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

Step 7.

Once you have hit screen 3, you’ll be asked to confirm the backup phrase. Here’s what you’ll see:

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

Step 8.

From here, enter each of the 12 words in the same order as you wrote them down. You can choose to toggle the Hide all/Show all button depending on what you prefer. This is the screen you’ll see:

setup Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet

Step 9.

As far as set-up goes, you are now done and you should see a similar screen to this:

Everything written in that screenshot is super important. Read it twice. All those words you wrote down before are your backup phrase. You NEED these to gain access to your Jaxx wallet. Don’t lose them! Nobody, not even BitPrime or Jaxx staff are able to recover these for you.

It’s also really important that you keep these words to yourself. I did screenshot some information in making this guide, but I set up this wallet for demonstration purposes only. Please NEVER share your backup phrases or private keys with anyone.

If you run into any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help via our chat system. Alternatively, you can contact the official Jaxx support team.

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1 thought on “[VIDEO] How do I set up Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet?”

  1. When I access my J Liberty the backup phrase that shows is the Classic one, not Liberty. My J wallet shows my LTC but doesn’t show the btc I bought June 11. My version shows as 2.1.1 when I should be on V 2.6.4. Should I open a new wallet and somehow change the 12 word phrase to the Liberty one I have. Perhaps my transfer from Classic to Liberty have never completed. Can you help?


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