How do I setup Exodus mobile wallet?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Rejoice! Exodus is on Mobile now!

Are you finding yourself chatting with friends having the Jaxx vs Exodus debate?

“Yeah but Jaxx is on mobile, can Exodus do that?”

Well yes, yes it can. 

Let’s set it up. Firstly you’re going to need to head over to on your mobile device. 

Exodus is available on both iOS and Android and while you can search directly from their respective app stores, it’s always good to play it safe and go from the source. 

I’m an unapologetic fan-boy so we’ll be setting it up on iOS in this instance but the setup should be almost identical for both platforms. 


Here’s what you’ll be greeted with. Click on Get Started.  

setup exodus mobile wallet


In this instance we are setting up an Exodus wallet from a previously set up desktop version. 

Need a hand setting up the mobile version from scratch? Sing out in the comments section.  

From here click Next to go through (it’s not long). 

Exodus Mobile iOS


Just click through to “I already have a wallet”. (Unless you are setting up an Exodus wallet for the first time, in which case, click Get Started.)

exodus mobile wallet setup


This is where you’ll need your pass-phrase from your original desktop version. Get started entering that and I’ll see you on the other end.

Here we are, page three. Enter those last four words and hit Restore!

exodus mobile wallet setup

Exodus is now asking you to make sure everything is looking good. 

It’s also going to re-start. Don’t stress. Let’s just say it pays to heed the warnings. 

exodus mobile wallet setup


Done? Let’s go! Here’s what you’ll see. 


Click Continue and you’re going to be faced with your Portfolio. As you can see from below, I am well and truly on my way to that Lambo. 

exodus mobile wallet setup


Once you’re all set up, you can have a bit more fun. From the Security tab, you can check your recovery phrase, secure the wallet with a password and even set up Face ID (on iOS devices for sure, this may not work with all Android devices though). 

exodus mobile wallet setup

In settings, you can do all the normal stuff like switch to your local currency and restore your Exodus Mobile Wallet. 

exodus mobile wallet setup

And as you can see, you can access support directly from the mobile app. 

Exodus Mobile App

This has been a super-fast run-down of how to set up the Exodus Mobile App and there’s so much more we could show off. If you’re stuck or want to see more, please reach out in the comments below or through our Live Chat. 

Until next time, thanks so much for coming to visit. 



Evan Kitagawa-James

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