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The Exodus wallet is a fantastic option for a multicurrency wallet, and it’s available on both mobile and desktop devices. In this guide, we’ll walk through the process of setting up Exodus on a mobile device.

Firstly, if you haven’t already downloaded and installed the app, head to on your mobile phone. 

The Exodus wallet is available on iOS and Android, and while you can search directly from their respective app stores, it’s always good to play it safe and download a wallet app directly from the source. 

The screenshots in this guide show the wallet app on iOS, but the setup is practically identical for both platforms. 

Step 1.

Here’s the welcome screen that you’ll be greeted with. Click on “Get Started”.  

setup exodus mobile wallet

Step 2.

In this instance, we are pairing an existing Exodus wallet from a previously set up desktop version so we can access our cryptocurrency wallet on the go. If you’ve never created an Exodus wallet before, you can do so on the next screen.

For now, click Next to go through the few introductory screens, or Skip if you’d prefer. 

Exodus Mobile iOS

Step 3.

To pair with your existing Exodus desktop wallet, click “I already have a wallet”. Of course, if you are setting up an Exodus wallet for the first time, click “Get Started” instead and follow the in-app instructions. The rest of this guide refers to pairing existing wallets.

exodus mobile wallet setup

Step 4 (pairing).

This is where you’ll need your backup phrase/recovery phrase from your original desktop version of Exodus. 

Enter the 12 words in the correct order and then click on “Restore”.

exodus mobile wallet setup

Step 5.

The Exodus app now shows you a warning popup. Once read, click “Continue and Restart”.

exodus mobile wallet setup

Step 6.

Your crypto wallet has now been paired, and here’s what you’ll see: 

Step 7.

Click “Continue”, and the app takes you to your portfolio homepage. Now, you can continue to customise the app if you wish to.

exodus mobile wallet setup

Step 8.

From the Security tab in the menu, you can check your recovery phrase, secure the wallet with an additional security password (I recommend setting this security feature) and set up Face ID on iOS devices. 

exodus mobile wallet setup

Step 9.

You can enable or disable notifications and sounds in the Settings menu, switch to your local fiat currency, and restore your Exodus Mobile Wallet (what we have just done).

exodus mobile wallet setup

Step 10.

And finally, we have the Support menu from which you can get help with your crypto wallet directly from within the app.

Exodus Mobile App

If you run into any issues, please contact us or reach out to the official Exodus support team via the app.

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