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How to set up Trust wallet?

The Trust wallet is available on all mobile devices and supports all ERC20 tokens, which are tokens built on the Ethereum network. For more information on ERC20 tokens and what they are, click here, and for a list of ERC20 tokens, click here. Follow the instructions below to download and set up Trust wallet.

1. Before getting started, you’ll need to download the Trust wallet application via the Google Playstore or App Store.

2. Once open, select ‘create wallet’ and write down your 12-word backup phrase. We recommend writing down the backup phrase on two separate pieces of paper and storing them in two separate locations for additional security. Ensure you do not store the backup phrase on your computer, as it can be easily identified and stolen. Remember, your backup phrase is the ‘key’ to your wallet.

3. You will need to re-enter the backup phrase to ensure it has been written down correctly. Once entered, your wallet will be ready to go. Select done.

Select your Ethereum wallet, and receive to view your Ethereum and ERC20 wallet address. All ERC20 token are received using this one wallet address. The wallet address will start with 0x and be 42 characters long. It should look something like this 0xBe0D8bF87D24509cb82BFC40ed5e5914e05CE05f.

Set up Trust wallet


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