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How to Send Cryptocurrency Using Jaxx Liberty

If you wish to send Cryptocurrency using Jaxx Liberty‘s software wallet you will first need the receiver’s wallet address. For example, if you plan on sending Bitcoin, you will need the receiver’s Bitcoin wallet address. If you are completing a Sell Order to BitPrime, we provide our wallet address on-screen when you accept your quote. Please copy our wallet address from that page.

Please note, if you are still using the old, orange and black, Jaxx Classic Wallet you need to migrate to Jaxx Liberty as soon as possible.

Here’s a quick guide on sending coins from the Jaxx Liberty wallet (desktop wallet version):

Step 1:

Firstly, navigate to the coin you wish to send, click on it and then click on the blue “send” button within the Jaxx Liberty wallet.

send crypto jaxx liberty

Step 2:

Paste the receiving address into the wallet address or “send to” section.

Most importantly, ensure you copy and paste the wallet address. This avoids human error. Please, don’t try and type wallet addresses out.

Consequently, if even one character is wrong, the crypto may end up being sent to someone else.

Once you have pasted the recipient’s address, double-check the first and last five digits match what they provided you.

image showing the field to paste the recipients wallet address

Step 3:

Enter the amount of crypto token you wish to send in the appropriate field. Remember to add the transaction fee which is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner (see below image).

For example, I want to send 0.01 BTC to BitPrime, and the transaction fee showing is 0.0001469 BTC so in the “Amount field” I enter 0.0101469 BTC.

image showing how to send BTC from Jaxx Liberty

Step 4:

Now, click the orange “Send” button.

If you have a password (an additional security feature that you should have set previously) you’ll be prompted to enter it now and when you have, the greyed out “Continue” button will turn orange, and you can click on it to continue.

Tip: If you don’t have a password set up already for your Jaxx Liberty app, please do so after completing your transaction. Guide here.

image showing you how to send BTC from Jaxx Liberty

Step 5:

You’ll be shown one final screen to confirm all details are correct. Once you are sure that they are, press “Confirm”.

Step 6:

If your transaction was successful you’ll see the following screen. From here, click on the small clipboard icon to copy and paste the TX ID.  Then, if you are selling your coin to BitPrime, please email us this TX ID.  Doing so means that your Sell Order will be processed faster as it enables us to match your transaction to your order much faster.

Always use the clipboard icon to copy the tx ID because if you try to highlight and copy from this screen, you’re only copying a part of the ID – in the image below you’ll see that in the middle of the tx ID string there is an ellipsis (…) where it has been shortened. The full tx ID is required to be able to search it in a blockchain explorer.

If you want to learn more about transaction ID’s we have a dedicated article.

You can also click the “Check Status” button to be taken to a blockchain explorer. It may take a few minutes before any results show as the transaction needs to be processed by a miner first.

send cryptocurrency using jaxx liberty


QR Codes on the Mobile Wallet App

Additionally, if you are sending from your Jaxx Liberty mobile app and the receiver has provided a QR code to scan, you can use this option to enter their receiving address instead of copying and pasting the long string of alphanumerics that make up and address. Please note, this function is only available on mobile versions of the Jaxx wallet.

Receipts / Transaction History / Activity

All completed transactions will then show up under the Activity section in your wallet app. From here, you can view all sent and received transactions and click on each one to view more details.

You can view the transaction status (pending, completed, etc.), wallet address, approximate fiat currency values, transaction IDs, and even write a note against the transaction for your records.

As you can see in the image below, I have added a note saying “Test transaction to BitPrime”.

image showing the transaction history in Jaxx Liberty

If you have any issues sending crypto assets from the Jaxx Liberty app please contact us, we are here to help. Alternatively, you can contact the official Jaxx Support team.

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5 thoughts on “How do I send Cryptocurrency using Jaxx Liberty?”

    • Hi Hosein,

      I suggest you check that you are running the latest version of Jaxx Liberty as it sounds like you need to update it.
      The options that display should be Buy, Trade, Send and Receive.

      We have a guide on updating Jaxx Liberty wallets here.


  1. Hi , thanks for your helpful guide.

    My android jaxx wallet has no send and receive (blue button)
    Just has a orange buttons that is buy and receive. I’ve installed it today, I mean is up to date. ( My wallet is empty now, is that reason?)

    • Hi Sadjad, yep it’s likely that your wallet is empty. I’m looking at my personal Jaxx wallet now, and the blue buttons don’t show up until I click on my specific crypto holdings. Then they show up where you expect them from this guide. Let us know if it still doesn’t show up when you have crypto in your wallet, and I’ll see what I can do.


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