What are your fees if I want to sell crypto in NZ?

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Our sell order fees (you selling your crypto to us)

At BitPrime, our advertised rates include ALL of our fees and the price agreed upon at the time you accept a quote is fixed regardless of what happens in the market.

We aim for our fees to be within specific percentages of CoinMarketCap spot market prices depending on the volume of crypto you are looking to sell to us.

Full details on our fees can be found on our Fees and Pricing page.

Please remember, when comparing prices between brokers, retailers and exchanges when you want to sell crypto in NZ, your best bet is to compare the exact price you will receive for your coins and not necessarily the fees advertised. The reason for this is that many operators only advertise their net fees and not their actual gross spreads.

You can see BitPrime’s current rates for both buying and selling coins on our All Coins page. These prices are updated every five minutes.

If the coin you are interested in selling to us isn’t listed on that page, you can request a custom quote, and if we are interested in buying that particular currency, we will email you to advise a price. You can then choose whether or not you accept that quote.

Once a quote is accepted, you then send the coins to our wallet address which is provided on-screen after clicking accept. Once sent, please email us your transaction ID so we can match the coins we receive to your order. Once we receive the coins, your sell order is marked for payment during the next bank run. Due to bank processing times, the funds may not clear into your bank account until the following business day.


Spot prices

If you simply want to know the spot market value of a currency, you can use a site such as CoinMarketCap. On their site, you can change the fiat currency to display NZD using the option in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, many wallet apps also show a spot market value for the crypto stored in the wallet. Please note that you can’t expect to receive a spot market value for your crypto when you aren’t selling in a spot market environment.



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