Can I sell cryptocurrency through BitPrime?

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How to sell cryptocurrency through BitPrime

Yes, you certainly can sell cryptocurrency through BitPrime! Verified customers can submit a sell submission through our site.

The selling process with us is as follows:


Sell Cryptocurrency Through BitPrime

1. After verifying, customers submit a sell submission stating the cryptocurrency they would like to sell and the amount.

2. The BitPrime team then respond with a quote via email.

3. If the quote is accepted, the two parties will exchange wallet address and bank account details. Quotes can vary in price, though they are generally at or slightly below market price.

4. Customers transfer the Crypto to the wallet address provided and email the transaction ID to Once the Crypto is received a member of the BitPrime team will transfer the NZD to the specified account.


If you have any questions regarding selling please contact us.

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2 thoughts on “Can I sell cryptocurrency through BitPrime?

  1. Hi guys. I’ve done something wrong. I’ve asked for a sell quote which you’ve provided, thanks 🙂 Seems I’ve gone back on the page and now can’t proceed as it’s telling me, ‘quote already accepted’. Completely my error. What should I have done and how do I get myself back on track to complete the sell order? Thanks Adam…the newb seller 😀

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