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Pair Jaxx Liberty Wallet to a Second Device

With a Jaxx Liberty wallet, you can have your cryptocurrency wallet available on your mobile, tablet, browser extension or desktop at the same time. In order to use this function, you first need to pair your current Jaxx wallet to the second device.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to pair an existing Jaxx Wallet to another device. These instructions are specifically for the desktop wallet version but, the steps to pair your wallet on a mobile device are pretty much the same as the desktop version so you should be able to follow through with ease regardless of which device you are pairing to or from.

Before you begin, you will need to have your backup phrase handy. This is the 12-word recovery phrase that you should already have written on a piece of paper from when you first set up your crypto wallet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please visit this article first to learn how to backup your Jaxx Liberty wallet.

Please note, these instructions are for the Jaxx Liberty wallet and not for the Jaxx classic wallet. If you are still using the Jaxx classic wallet, you need to migrate to Jaxx Liberty because the old Jaxx wallet is no longer supported. You need your 12-word backup phrase to do so.

Step 1.

Using your secondary device (the one you want to add your Jaxx wallet to, not the one already containing your existing wallet and digital assets) open the app and click on the menu hamburger (the three stacked lines in the top right corner). Then, click on the “Tools” link.

Step 2.

Now, click on the “Pair/Restore Existing Wallet” option to begin the process.

Step 3.

Please, read the warnings displayed and make sure you pay attention to them. The wallet being erased is the new wallet that is automatically created on the secondary device you are currently using.

Provided you have never sent any digital currency to this new wallet address you are OK to proceed. It never hurts to double-check if you are unsure.

Just exit out of this process and go back to the main screen of the app, then check the “Holdings” tab. If it’s all zeroes, then you are good to proceed with pairing your wallet.

If there is a balance, check your other device’s balances too and work out which one is your existing wallet and which is the secondary Jaxx app.

Once you have read and understood the displayed warnings and you’re confident you are using your secondary device, then click the “Continue to Pair or Restore Wallet” link to proceed.

Step 4.

This screen is your final chance to be sure you’re using the right device. If you are, click the orange “Overwrite Backup Phrase” button.

Step 5.

Once again, heed the warnings displayed on the user interface and then click the orange “Continue” button.

Step 6.

Now you type in your 12-word backup phrase (from the wallet that currently contains your crypto assets). Please pay attention to the spelling of each word and remember that it is in American English, not British English. Once you have entered all of the backup phrase words, the “Restore Wallet” button will turn orange, and you can click it.

Step 7.

All done. You have now paired your Jaxx Liberty wallet from one device to another, and you’ll be able to view the same wallet address and balance for each token on either.

If you have any questions regarding the Jaxx Liberty wallet or pairing/restoring wallets, please contact us. Alternatively, contact the official Jaxx Liberty Support team directly.

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