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How do I keep my BitPrime account secure?

The following methods of keeping your BitPrime account secure can also apply to most other online accounts. Sometimes, the actions which can have the most effect are the seemingly simple ones we may otherwise overlook.

The first tip I have for you is to use long, complicated passwords that you haven’t used on other sites, especially your email account. Yes, they can be challenging to remember but you can use a password manager like Dashlane or LastPass for this. Also, you should change your passwords regularly for maximum security.

Next, keep your contact details up to date, such as your email address and mobile number. If you need to change anything, let us know and we can help with this.

It is essential to keep your computer software up to date. This includes your operating system, internet browsers, and antivirus software. New updates often contain security upgrades and bug fixes.

Familiarise yourself with common scams and be careful of what links you click on when opening emails or browsing the internet. Phishing attacks, ransomware, and romance scams, among others, have all been used to target cryptocurrency owners before.

Phishing attacks involve someone trying to steal your personal information or login details, usually through dodgy email links. BitPrime sends out regular emails to our customers, but, if you are ever unsure about one your receive, make sure you ask us before following any links. Our reply address will always be our standard one ( and our website URL is always secured and starts like this:

Ransomware involves malicious software being installed on your computer (often without you being aware) which locks you out of your operating system and often involves the threat of your personal files being shared to your contacts unless you pay the ransom fee. PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances is BitPrime allowed to sell you cryptocurrency to pay off a ransomware scam. See our legal documents for more.

Example of a ransomware scam
Example of a ransomware scam message

Finally, make sure you don’t leave your BitPrime account automatically signed in. Always sign out after each session on our site.

Remember, if you ever have any questions feels free to contact us via live chat or email


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