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Jaxx Liberty Security Password

The Jaxx Liberty wallet has an additional security feature you can enable to further protect your crypto assets, and of course, your backup phrase. Accordingly, we strongly recommend all users set up the Jaxx Liberty security password for added wallet protection regardless of whether you use the desktop wallet or have the app on your mobile device.

The password is used for the following wallet app actions:

  • Performing a Wallet Backup
  • Viewing your Jaxx Liberty wallet’s 12 word Backup Phrase
  • Changing or removing the password (once it has been set)
  • Pairing the existing wallet in the current app to another backup phrase e.g. when pairing your desktop wallet to your mobile wallet
  • Sending a transaction from the app
  • Using the ShapeShift feature in the app

Never provide your Jaxx wallet password, backup/recovery phrase or your private key to anyone – including BitPrime and Jaxx staff! Keep your crypto wallet secure; these are for your eyes only.

Important: hopefully, by now you’ve already made the switch from the old, Jaxx Classic wallet app that is no longer supported. If you aren’t sure, the old wallet version was black and orange. The new wallet has a dark blue and orange colour scheme. If your’s is still the old app version, you need to migrate to Jaxx Liberty now.

To set up the security password, follow the simple steps below.


Step 1.

Open the Jaxx Liberty wallet app and click on the menu hamburger (the three stacked lines in the top right corner). Then, click on the “Security” link.

Step 2.

Click the “Security Password” link. In the image below you will notice a red warning symbol on the right-hand side. This is to alert me that I haven’t yet set this password up and the symbol will disappear once I have done so.

Step 3.

Please read the warnings displayed paying particular attention to the fact that there is no way to recover this password should you forget it. If you do forget it, you will need to restore your Jaxx Liberty wallet using your 12-word backup phrase. If you don’t have this backup phrase written on paper and stored somewhere you can’t lose it, make sure you complete the backup process first. Tick the two boxes once you understand what they are saying, then click the now orange “Set Password” button to continue.

Remember, if you lose both your security password and your backup phrase you lose access to your wallet. No one, not even the Jaxx support team, can retrieve either of these for you. Keep them safe!

Step 4.

Enter a strong password, preferably one that is unique to your Jaxx Liberty wallet. If you struggle to remember passwords it may be a good idea to learn more about password managers which are an excellent way to help keep your online accounts secure. Once you have entered your new password twice, the “Continue” button will turn orange and you can click this to complete the password setup. If the button isn’t orange and you can’t click it, retype your password in the two fields again as they aren’t matching.

Step 5.

All done! Your new password for your Jaxx Liberty wallet is now set. Well done for choosing to set up an additional layer of security to help protect your digital assets.

If you have any issues setting up the password for your cryptocurrency wallet, please contact us. Alternatively, you can contact the official Jaxx Liberty Support team directly.


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