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Install MetaMask Browser Extension

The MetaMask crypto wallet is either a browser extension or a mobile app for Ethereum or ETH-based tokens. This article describes how to install and set up the browser extension, however, setting up the MetaMask app on your mobile device is very similar.

Step 1.

Go to and click on the button to download the Metamask extension, which is compatible with Google Chrome (and Opera), Firefox, MS Edge and Brave browsers.

install metamask extension instructions

Step 2.

Click on the blue button to install MetaMask (the wording will differ depending on which browser you use).

install metamask extension instructions

Step 3.

Click on the relevant button to add the extension. For Microsoft Edge, you’ll also have to click on the popup to allow extensions from other stores.

install metamask extension instructions
Add to Chrome


install metamask extension instructions
Add to Firefox (and marvel at the cute fox logos 🦊)


install metamask instructions
Microsoft Edge



instal metamask browser extension


installing metamask
Opera Popup

Set Up MetaMask Browser Extension

Step 4.

Now MetaMask is installed, you’ll be greeted with this screen. Click the button to Get Started.

set up metamask

Step 5.

If you are looking to import an existing wallet into MetaMask, click the button on the left. We’re setting up a new wallet for this guide, so we will click the right-hand option.

set up metamask

If you’re shown the following screen, make sure you read the Privacy Policy by clicking on the tiny text link at the bottom. It’s up to you whether to say yes or no.

opt in or out of improving metamask

Step 6.

Your next step is to create a password. Please use a unique, strong password for this account (and any other crypto-related account) and either write it down to store somewhere safe or, better yet, use a password manager.

metamask set up password

Step 7.

MetaMask will now talk to you about your recovery phrase (aka backup phrase or seed phrase). Ensure you read and understand how important this phrase is to keep safe and NEVER lose.

Once you continue, you’ll be taken to the screen where you click on the grey box with the padlock icon to reveal your secret backup phrase. Once again, pay close attention to the warnings and information about the importance of this phrase.

secret backup phrase metamask

Confirm you’ve correctly written down your backup phrase by clicking on the words in the correct order.

Don’t worry; I’m not revealing part of mine in this image as this wallet was purely set up as a demo for you to follow along with.

Once you have clicked on the 12 words, the blue Continue button at the bottom of your screen will be able to be clicked.

confirm metamask backup phrase

If you entered your 12 words correctly, MetaMask will celebrate you following instructions correctly. Click on All Done to be taken to your new wallet’s homepage.

metamask backup phrase set

Step 8.

Your wallet is now set up and ready to use.

From your MetaMask homepage, you can add other Ethereum-based tokens to your wallet (including custom ones); you can click on the three dots on the right-hand side to view your wallet’s QR code, edit the account name and more.

Finding your ETH wallet address is as easy as clicking on the button where you can see the words “Account 1” and a string of letters and numbers in my demo wallet image below. Clicking there automatically copies your wallet address to your clipboard so you can then paste it wherever it is needed for someone to send you coins.

metamask homepage

You can also click the round account profile picture in the top right-hand corner to open the main menu from which you can add other accounts, connect MetaMask to hardware wallets, and edit your settings.

A handy setting to adjust is changing the Currency Conversion to show your local fiat currency.

There are many other options in the settings menu. However, I recommend leaving them as their default option unless you are certain you know what you are changing.

If you need help with the MetaMask wallet, reach out to the BitPrime team or the official MetaMask team by clicking on the account picture (as mentioned above) and clicking “Support”.


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