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Incorrect Wallet Balance

Occasionally, Exodus experiences a network or update error, which can cause the crypto wallet to display the wrong (or zero) balance. If this occurs, we suggest manually refreshing the wallet balance by following the steps below.

Step 1.

Open your Exodus wallet app.

Exodus wallet homepage

Step 2.

Navigate to the desired wallet (Bitcoin in this case), by the wallet icon found on the top menu, second from the left.

Step 3.

Hover your mouse over the Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) logo and you will see a refresh button. Click on it and you’ll see a screen asking you to confirm your action. Click Rescan to continue.

Step 5.

Once the rescan is complete, your balance should update. If your Exodus wallet is still showing an incorrect balance after following these steps please contact us and we can investigate the issue further. Alternatively, Exodus offers 24/7 worldwide support at

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