Incorrect balance showing in Jaxx

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Incorrect Balance

There are a number of potential reasons why the Jaxx wallet won’t be showing the correct balance. Generally, an incorrect balance is a wallet related issue caused because Jaxx isn’t syncing properly with the Blockchain. If this occurs the steps below may resolve the issue:

1. Refresh the balance. The first port-of-call for most balance related wallet issues. Jaxx has a refresh button located above the wallet balance, shown by the pink arrow in the screenshot below.

Fix Incorrect Balance in Jaxx

2. Reset the cache – Resetting the Jaxx cache reinitialises and resyncs the wallet, which can often fix balance related issues. To do this click menu (top right corner) > settings > reset Jaxx cache. The wallet will restart and initialise within 2 minutes.

3. A firewall or other security software may be blocking your wallets connection to the internet. Disable all security software temporarily and restart the device. If this fixes the issue we recommend adding Jaxx as an authorised application in the security software settings to ensure it doesn’t become a common occurrence.

4. If none of the above works, we suggest installing Jaxx on another device. Once installed chose the restore wallet option and use your backup phrase to ‘restore’ your wallet to the other device. If the balance is correct on the secondary device, it suggests the issue is device related, rather than wallet related.

If none of the above restores the balance, please contact us and we can investigate the issue further.

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