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Do you have an Incorrect Balance Showing in Your Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

Jaxx Liberty is a fantastic software wallet that stores multiple cryptocurrencies on various devices. Usually, it’s straightforward to use, but it can be stressful if you open your app to find the wrong balance showing. Don’t stress! It’s improbable your funds are missing.

There are several potential reasons why the Jaxx Liberty wallet won’t be showing the correct balance. Generally, an incorrect balance is an app related issue caused because your crypto wallet, Jaxx Liberty, in this case, isn’t syncing correctly with the latest version of the blockchain. If this occurs, the steps below may help resolve the issue of seeing the wrong coin balance.

Remember, your digital assets are stored on the relevant blockchain and not in the wallet itself. The wallet merely acts as the software that encrypts and decrypts your private key, allowing you access to the coin stored on the blockchain ledger. You can always look up your wallet address or a transaction id on a blockchain explorer as a means of verifying that the token in question has been received or is still in your wallet.

Important note #1: If you are still using the old Jaxx Classic wallet, you need to migrate to Jaxx Liberty as the old version is no longer supported. Learn how to migrate from Jaxx Classic to Jaxx Liberty here.

Important note #2: Always ensure you have your wallet backed up and that you have your backup phrase (aka recovery phrase) written down on paper before you make any changes to the wallet app.

Option 1. Refresh the Balance.

Refreshing the balance is the first port-of-call for most incorrect wallet balance issues; Jaxx Liberty has a couple of locations for refresh buttons. One is found on the Jaxx Liberty wallet app’s dashboard or homepage. In the first screenshot below, this is highlighted by a pink arrow. The other place to look for a refresh button is above a particular wallet’s balance, shown by the pink arrow in the second screenshot of my bitcoin wallet below.

refresh an incorrect balance from the jaxx liberty home page
Refresh an incorrect balance from the Jaxx Liberty dashboard/homepage by clicking the top, righthand corner symbol.
Refresh an incorrect balance from a Jaxx Liberty wallet page
Refresh an incorrect balance from a Jaxx Liberty wallet page by clicking the top, righthand corner symbol.

Option 2. Update Your Wallet App Version.

Many “issues” users have with the Jaxx Liberty app are instantly resolved by upgrading to the latest version. Decentral (the company behind the Jaxx wallet) regularly releases new app updates to ensure that the security and performance are top-notch.

If you click on the hamburger menu icon (≡ in the top right corner) and look under the About tab, you will see the version you’re currently running. Check on the official Jaxx downloads page to see what the latest version released is.

Additionally, if you look under the Bulletins tab in the Menu, the Jaxx team often post a message there to advise you to update your app.

Option 3. Reset the Wallet’s Cache.

Make sure you have your backup phrase before attempting this option! If you aren’t confident after reading the steps below, then I recommend NOT performing this option.

Resetting the Jaxx cache reinitialises and resyncs the wallet, which can often fix balance related issues. The wallet should restart and initialise within a few minutes. If it gets “stuck” during this process (usually on 10/11), then you need to uninstall the app and download the latest version as per above.

For a PC Desktop Wallet:
  • Uninstall Jaxx Liberty.
  • Locate your “appdata” folder and delete the Jaxx folder from inside it.
  • Reinstall the Jaxx Liberty app.
For a Mac Desktop Wallet:
  • Uninstall Jaxx Liberty.
  • Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support and delete the Jaxx folder.
  • Reinstall the Jaxx Liberty app.
For an Android Mobile Wallet:
  • Go to Settings > Apps (or for older Android versions, App Manager).
  • Click on Jaxx Liberty.
  • Click Storage, then Clear Data.
For Google Chrome Extension:
  • Go to the Menu> More Tools > Extensions.
  • Locate and uninstall then reinstall the Jaxx app.
For Firefox Extension:
  • In the Menu, locate your extensions and uninstall the app.
  • Go to the Menu> History > Clear Recent History, and select everything to clear the cache, cookies and offline website data.
  • Reinstall the Jaxx app.


Option 4. Check Your Security Features.

A firewall, TOR, VPN or other security feature you are using may be blocking your wallet’s connection to the internet. Disable all security software temporarily and restart the device. If this fixes the issue, we recommend adding Jaxx Liberty as an authorised app in the security software settings to ensure it doesn’t become a common occurrence.

Option 5. Try a New Device.

If the above solutions don’t work, we suggest installing Jaxx Liberty on another device. Once installed, choose the restore wallet option and use your backup phrase to restore your wallet to the other device. If the balance is correct on the secondary device, it suggests the issue is device-related rather than wallet related.

What if None of the Above Worked?

If none of the above restores your coin balance, please get in touch with the official Jaxx Support team to investigate the issue further. Let them know what steps you have already taken to correct the problem, so they don’t waste time telling you to repeat them.

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  2. It’s very sad to read about all of these complaints, I wonder how much effort it would have taken the company to actually intervene and fix these problems rather than let it escalate into a PR disaster like this one. I hope support can help these guys


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