How do you import a backup into Trust Wallet?

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How do you import a backup into Trust Wallet?

The process of importing an existing Trust wallet onto a new device is very simple.

All you need is your recovery phrase, given to you when you backed up your original Trust Wallet. This is a twelve-word recovery passphrase.



Download and install Trust wallet on your new device. Once opened you will be prompted with this screen:



Select “I already have a wallet” to restore your existing wallet. Note: this will delete the wallet from your previous device.



You will be prompted with a list of potential wallet platforms. Depending on the contents of your existing wallet, select the appropriate platform. In most cases, your wallet will be a Multi-Coin Wallet.

When you select the wallet platform, you will be required to type in your twelve-word recovery passphrase. Simply type this is in the box, and click restore. If your wallet restoration works, you will be prompted with this screen. At this point, your wallet should be fully restored with your available balances.


That’s it, your wallet has now been imported to your new device.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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