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If you have an Exodus cryptocurrency wallet that you want to recover to access your funds, you can do so by entering your 12-word backup phrase (aka recovery phrase) into the Exodus wallet. The procedure for restoring your wallet using your recovery phrase is detailed below.

First and foremost, you must have your 12-word recovery phrase on hand; if you can’t recall it, you can’t restore your wallet. Nobody can help retrieve this secret phrase, not even the developers of Exodus. This is why we stress the point of writing down multiple copies of your phrase and keeping them in separate, secure locations.

Restore Exodus wallet from your backup phrase: Desktop wallet app

Step 1.

Launch the Exodus app and from the home screen, click the Restore from Backup button. This is the large call-to-action on the right-hand side underneath the “Welcome to Exodus” message in the image below. If your wallet app has opened to another screen, click the Exodus logo in the top left-hand corner to return to the home screen.

Alternatively, if you are restoring your wallet because you have forgotten your security password, click the middle “Restore” button that displays on the app’s lock screen.

Exodus wallet homepage

Step 2.

Exodus will then prompt you to restart the program. Click “Restart” to continue.

Step 3.

Type your 12-word backup phrase (in lowercase) in the same order as you wrote it down. When you’ve finished typing it out, an arrow will appear next to the final word. Click the arrow to continue.

Step 4.

Exodus will display the message “All done!” after a short while. Allow Exodus to rescan the blockchains and restore your wallet once you click “OK”. Following these instructions above, you should be able to access your wallet and funds pretty fast.

exodus wallet restore complete notification image

Step 5.

Protect your wallet by entering a new, secure password. We recommend using a password manager such as Dashlane or Last Pass if you have trouble remembering complex passwords.

Step 6.

Click the next button once more. Then, if you haven’t already, enter your 12-word phrase again and choose any word that appears on your screen that is part of your backup phrase. The backup is now complete; click “Finish” to return to the home screen of your crypto wallet.

If you run into any difficulty with this process, please start a chat with us or contact the official Exodus support team.

Please remember, DO NOT provide your 12-word backup phrase to anybody else even if you need help. The BitPrime team (or Exodus staff) can walk you through the process but would never ask for your secret phrase. If anyone ever does ask for it, treat them as a scammer and terminate the conversation immediately!

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