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*PLEASE NOTE: The information in this article refers to the BitPrime OTC platform only. For help with BitPrime’s retail platform, please visit the relevant Knowledge Base section.

To register for a BitPrime-OTC account

Step 1

Visit the BitPrime-OTC page and click ‘Request Access Now’ on the top right corner. We aim to process applications within 1-2 business days and will contact you with further information.

BitPrime OTC Request Access

Step 2

Once your access has been granted, you’ll be able to continue setting up your BitPrime-OTC account via the new ‘OTC Access’ link which will now be available in your BitPrime ‘My Account’ page.

BitPrime OTC Access

Step 3

On the BitPrime-OTC homepage, click ‘Register’. Input your email address, which will double as your login username. Please ensure that you have ticked the “I’m not a robot” field and have read and accepted our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

BitPrime-OTC Register

BitPrime-OTC Register

Step 4

An email will be sent to you to validate your email address and prompt you to enter a password. Please ensure you use a strong, unique password that you haven’t used for any other account. Once the account has been validated, your account will be activated and ready for you to proceed to the KYC/KYB process. In order to start trading on our platform, please make sure you go through the KYC/KYB process under Settings > Verify. Emails will be sent out following your verification process.

BitPrime OTC Settings

BitPrime OTC Verify

Step 5

It is extremely important for you to set up 2FA for your BitPrime OTC account. You can do so under Settings > Security.

BitPrime OTC 2FA

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