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To receive cryptocurrency, you first need to provide the sender with the relevant wallet address. This brief guide shows you how to find your current crypto wallet addresses (aka receiving addresses) in the Exodus app.

Not wanting to find your current receive address? If you want to view a CSV file of all of your change and receiving addresses, please refer to this article on exporting addresses from Exodus. This isn’t an action usually required by everyday users of the app and is more of a technical solution when troubleshooting, so only follow the link above if you know that is what you need. For simply buying and receiving crypto, follow the guides below (one for desktop, one for mobile):

Find Exodus wallet address: Desktop wallet app guide

Step 1

Open the Exodus crypto wallet app and navigate to the Portfolio section.

Step 2.

Select and click on a coin from your wallet list. In this example, I want to buy Ethereum, so I am clicking on my Ethereum wallet to find the relevant wallet address. If you want your bitcoin address, you’d click on your bitcoin wallet and so on. Most cryptocurrency assets have different addresses, so always check you are copying the correct coin’s.

Step 3.

Clicking on the coin will take you to the wallet section. Click on the “Receive” button.

Find exodus wallet address

Step 4.

Copy the wallet address by clicking on the copy to clipboard icon (the two stacked squares on the right-hand side). You can now paste that wallet address into the relevant field on our website for the coin you wish to order. Always copy and paste your wallet addresses to eliminate human error – please don’t try to type them out manually. If coins are sent to an incorrect address, they are unlikely to be recovered.

You’ll also see a QR code that you can scan from a mobile device to copy an address. In this case, we are ignoring that feature.


Find Exodus wallet address: Mobile wallet app guide

Step 1.

Open your exodus mobile app and tap on the portfolio icon.

find wallet address exodus

Step 2.

Select a coin from the list.

exodus wallet address

Step 3.

Tap on the receive button.

exodus wallet address

Step 4.

You may now copy the address or send the QR code to receive coins.

exodus wallet address


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  1. How come I cannot send Ether from my Metamask wallet to my Ether area inside of Exodus. For example: Say I’m having trouble with my
    Metamask wallet because I think it has been compromised ( Someone got a few of the words to my seed phrase and is trying to figure out the last 2 or 3 words ) and I want to move the funds to a safe place out of the compromised Metamask wallet. I don’t see a way or address in Exodus to place them. Exodus only lists my compromised Metamask address in their Wallet.


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