How to create multiple wallets within one Trust Wallet

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Trust Wallet has a feature allowing you to create multiple wallets within a single Trust Wallet on one device, multiple wallets can be a handy way to manage multiple different cryptocurrencies and to store other peoples cryptocurrency securely. It is a very simple process to set-up these multiple wallets.

You can either restore an existing wallet or create a new wallet.



Firstly, we start at the main wallet screen.



Click the settings icon in the bottom right of your screen.



Open up the wallets tab, you will see your existing wallet there.



Select the + symbol in the top-right of your screen to add a new wallet. This will take you to the following screen where you select whether you create a new wallet, or import an existing wallet. If you need to know the details behind importing an existing wallet, take a look at this article.



Select “Create a new wallet”, you will be required to select the type of wallet you wish to create. You can create wallets that are specifically used for certain cryptocurrency platforms (ERC20 etc.), but you will likely want a “Multi-Coin Wallet”.

Next, you will be prompted to write down and securely store a recovery passphrase. This is essential if you ever want to restore this wallet on another device. Follow the steps prompted by Trust wallet, which includes typing in the recovery passphrase to make sure you have written it correctly. Once you have completed the steps you are prompted with this screen and your wallet is successfully created.



You can now see you are in Wallet 2 on your main screen. To switch between your Trust wallets, go into settings and select “Wallets” up the top.



This will show you all of your available wallets. Simply click on the one you wish to use.

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  1. Using new phone, downloaded trustwallet. I was having two wallets in the old phone, still having my recovery phrases for both, I opened the 1st wallet, struggling to do 2nd wallet

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