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Exodus Support

Exodus offers worldwide support 24/7. Should you wish to contact the Exodus support team directly, you can do so with the following options:


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4 thoughts on “How can I contact Exodus Support directly?”

  1. On April 10th, 2021, I carried out three transactions on Exodus Wallet. the transactions took a very long time so I sent 507.63 USDT twice but it only shows up once in the wallet. I am trying to retrieve my money

  2. I’ve reached out 5 times claiming money not being able to get exchanged out, never a single email back helping my situation lost $200 in this app not even including the $30 fees everytime you put money in.

    • Hi Michael, I’m very sorry you’re struggling with Exodus support. If there’s anything we can do from our end, please do let us know.


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