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How much will the cryptocurrency I want to buy cost me?

If you would like to know how much a token/cryptocurrency/coin is going to cost or how many coins you can get for a specific NZD amount, please search for the coin under the “all coins” page. Pretend that you are going to make the order, however, do not put in your wallet address and do not press order (unless you want to buy it).

By putting in the NZD or cryptocurrency amount, it will show what you will get.

For example, if you wanted to buy $500 worth of Ethereum, you would search $500 in the NZD bar, and it will show you 0.83384879 (for example at the time of writing this article – 13/08/18). If you were wanting to know how much 0.5 ETH was going to cost you put that figure into the cryptocurrency field and $299.81 would show up (for example at the time of writing).

buy bitcoin nzd from BitPrime's all coins page
How to buy Bitcoin in NZ from BitPrime’s All Coins page.


All of BitPrime’s fees/charges are included meaning that the amount of cryptocurrency you see is the exact amount you will receive in your wallet. Our prices are locked in at the time of checkout when you confirm your order. For more information on our fees and the different account options we offer, please visit our Fees and Pricing page.

If the coin you are interested in buying or selling is not listed on our “All coin’s” page, please see this article to learn how to place a custom request for a quote.

Is that your best price?

Yes, these prices are automated and follow special formulas. We do not price match and all prices displayed are final.

This applies to both buy and sell orders.

However, if you want to spend $20k or more on one cryptocurrency in a single order we will offer you a discount, please email for more information.

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