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Do you accept credit card or debit card payments for buying crypto?

Yes! We’re excited to let you know that you can now safely and conveniently buy cryptocurrency using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) from BitPrime.

This now means there are four payment options we offer in total; Account2Account, manual bank transfers, POLi, and credit cards.

We’ve partnered with Simplex to utilise their fully protected, fraud-free platform in response to an overwhelming number of requests we’ve received to provide the option to pay using a credit card.

This service works differently to our usual retail process.

You need to choose the option to pay using your credit card before ordering your coins, and you will need to verify your ID with Simplex the first time you use this service.

Using this service, you can buy 40 cryptocurrencies and choose to pay in 50 fiat currencies.

This service is available to both domestic and international customers and is available to existing and new customers.


Step-by-step Guide on How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card from BitPrime

buy crypto with credit card from bitprime

Step 1


Step 2

  • From the drop-down menu, choose the ticker of the crypto you wish to purchase. By default, this is set to BTC, but you can currently purchase 40 digital assets via this method. Enter either the cryptocurrency amount you want to buy or the fiat currency amount you wish to spend. The other field will auto-populate accordingly. By default, the fiat currency selected is NZD, but, this payment method supports 50 different fiat currencies!
  • Paste your wallet address into the appropriate field, double-checking it is correct.
  • Press “Continue”.


Step 3

  • Enter your card details (must be a card in your own name), billing address, and personal details.
  • Make sure you read the T’s & C’s and Privacy Policy – they are Simplex’s and not BitPrime’s.
  • Press “Pay Now”.



Step 4

  • You now need to verify your email address and mobile number.


Step 5

  • The first time you use this process, you will be required to verify your ID with Simplex. Please note, this must be done even if you’re verified with BitPrime as they are a different company with their own KYC requirements. You may be asked to repeat this step with subsequent purchases at Simplex’s discretion.


Step 6

  • Once your payment has been accepted, and your ID verified for the first use of this service, the coins will be sent to your nominated wallet address.
  • Usually, payments are processed immediately.
  • In extreme cases, due to delays in identity verification or high demands on cryptocurrency, processing can take up to 48-72 hours.
  • You can easily check the status of your payment here by entering your payment ID which will be emailed to you.


Need more help?

We have an article covering FAQs regarding this service here.

For all other queries related to using this service, please refer to the Simplex chat line found by clicking the green “Chat” button on the Buy Crypto with Credit Card page or visit their official Support Centre.

From the Buy Crypto With Credit Card page, click the green “Chat” button for help.

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