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Buying Unlisted Coins/Cryptocurrencies

BitPrime has a large number of digital currency options (well over 100!) listed on the site for customers to add to their cart and order instantaneously. However, you are not limited to purchasing these coins only.

If you are looking for unlisted tokens/cryptocurrencies, we can source most of those that are shown on Coinmarketcap. Provided that they have reasonable trade volumes, have a BTC value of more than 10 Satoshis, and are already listed on a major international cryptocurrency exchange and not an ICO, this shouldn’t pose an issue.

If you can’t find the coin you are looking for on our All Coins page, please submit a request for a custom order quote.

Buying Unlisted Coins
Submit a request for a quote through our Custom Coin Order page.

If we can source the coin for you, we will respond with a quote via email which you can choose to accept or decline. All quotes are valid until 10 pm the same day. If the quote expires, you’ll have to ask for a new one to be sent out.

Please note, the minimum purchase amount for most coins is $100 (NZD) however if that isn’t the case we will let you know. This usually only happens if a token has a very expensive transaction fee, whether permanent or temporarily raised by an exchange due to significant network congestion.

On the other hand, if we can’t source the currency you’re interested in, then we will do our best to provide you with some possible alternate sources. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that you can buy through them, but it is worth looking into if you’re keen on the currency in question.

If you have any further questions regarding available cryptocurrencies, please contact us.

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