How do I backup Jaxx Liberty wallet?

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Jaxx Wallet Backup Phrase

When you create a new Jaxx Liberty wallet, you also need to generate the 12-word backup phrase. This backup phrase (sometimes referred to as a recovery phrase) is 12 random words in a particular order (and with American English spelling).

You use this mnemonic phrase to restore your wallet in case you lose or break the device the Jaxx wallet is installed on, or if you pair your wallet to a second device.

Having a written copy (not digital) of your backup phrase is essential.

If you lose access to your wallet and don’t have the backup phrase, you lose access to all funds stored on the wallet. No one is able to recover a backup phrase for you if you lose it. Not you. Not us. Not Jaxx Liberty. DO NOT LOSE IT!

We strongly recommend viewing the backup phrase privately and never sharing it, or any private key, with anyone. If anyone gains access to these 12 words, then they have access to your crypto wallet, and therefore your crypto assets.

We suggest writing down two copies and storing them in secure, separate locations in case a copy is damaged by fire, water or simply deteriorates over time. A wise idea is to keep one copy with your will for when you pass on so that your loved ones know about, and can access your wallet.

To view your backup phrase if you’ve already set one, click the menu hamburger (top right corner) > security > view backup phrase.

To back up your Jaxx Liberty wallet for the first time, follow the steps below.

Please note, these instructions are for Jaxx Liberty wallet, not Jaxx classic wallet. If you are still using the Jaxx classic wallet, you need to migrate to Jaxx Liberty because the old Jaxx wallet is no longer supported. You will need your 12 word backup phrase to do so.

Step 1.

Click on the menu hamburger (the three stacked lines you’ll see in the top right corner) and then click on the “Back Up Wallet” link nestled under the Security section.


Step 2.

Please, read the warnings displayed and make sure you pay attention to them. Backing up your Jaxx wallet is the single most important security step you take when creating a new cryptocurrency wallet. Once you have read and understood the warnings, tick the box and then click the “Start Backup” button to proceed.

backup Jaxx Liberty wallet


Step 3.

Now you will be shown the first four words of your phrase. Write these words down and remember to pay special attention to the spelling – it is in American English, not British English. Click the “Next 4 words” button, right these four down and then repeat one more time until you have a set of 12 words in total. You can also click to go back to the previous set of words should you wish to double-check you have them right.


Step 4.

This step confirms you have written down your backup phrase correctly. You need to type in your 12 words in the order they were displayed on the previous three screens and then continue by clicking the orange button at the bottom of the screen. If you have entered something incorrectly, you won’t be able to proceed until this is corrected.


Step 5.

Done. Your Jaxx wallet backup is now complete. Once again, PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THIS BACKUP PHRASE!


If you have any questions regarding the Jaxx Liberty wallet or the backup phrase, please contact us. Alternatively, contact the official Jaxx Liberty Support team directly.

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