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Backing up your Exodus Wallet

Want to backup Exodus? Conveniently, Exodus has a built-in backup process! It is essential to have a copy of your backup phrase (aka recovery phrase) for every cryptocurrency wallet you use. Additionally, if your device breaks or is lost, the backup phrase is used to restore your crypto wallet and balance on your new device. Most importantly, if your device breaks or is lost and you don’t have the backup phrase your coins will most likely be lost forever.

The instructions below will take you through the process step-by-step to backup your Exodus Wallet.

Steps to backup Exodus

Step 1.

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, download, install and open Exodus. You will be greeted with the Portfolio interface, which will show the balance as null if you’ve just done this. If you already have Exodus installed, go ahead and open up the app.

Exodus wallet homepage

Step 2.

Click on the small cog icon on the top right-hand corner to open the wallet’s settings menu and open the Backup tab. You’ll be prompted to set a security password first. Note – The wallet will not allow you to create a weak password. Ensure you create a password you will remember as it is key to accessing your wallet. If you’re not confident in your memory use a password manager or write the password down. Ensure it is stored somewhere safe and secure. The next step will ask that you re-enter your new password to ensure they match.

set password exodus

Step 3.

Next, the screen shows your 12-word backup phrase. This phrase is very important, we strongly recommend viewing the backup phrase privately. If anyone gains access to these 12 words they will have access to your wallet, and therefore your cryptocurrency. We suggest writing down two copies and storing them in secure separate locations in case a copy is damaged by fire, water or simply deteriorates over time. You can never be too careful! Please, pay attention to all warnings that Exodus displays on the screen. Click Next once you’ve written down your 12 words.

backup exodus wallet

Step 4.

Now you’ll be asked to choose the correct word out of the four displayed. When you have done so, click Finish.

backup exodus


Back Up Successful

You have now backed up your crypto wallet. Once again, make sure you don’t lose your backup phrase as nobody is able to retrieve this for you.


If you have any issues backing up your wallet please contact us. Alternatively, the official Exodus team offers 24/7 worldwide support at

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