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Account declined

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you why your account has been declined as people could use this information to alter their verification details so that they are accepted. There are many different factors that we look at during this process to comply with AML/CFT Act. 2009. If you have been declined, you will not be able to apply again (even under a different email address or login).

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2 thoughts on “Why was my account declined?”

  1. This seems to be taking for ever to verify and can’t use until verification is done. I have now loaded another provider for services so disappointed I can’t use a nz one.

    • Hi Dean,

      This is no different to opening a bank account.
      BitPrime are duty bound to AML legislation requiring positive identification and source of funds to be obtained.
      I would question the legitimacy of any other provider that does not ask for this.



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