How to claim your EOS tokens

EOS is currently an ERC20 token however it is about to move to a protocol token. This means you must register your tokens or they will be frozen forever.

If you have your tokens on Binance, the token will automatically be converted so if you are worried about doing this yourself you could move the tokens there. Please note that this might not be the case with all exchanges.

I will be going through how to register your tokens through MyEtherWallet. It is extremely important that you use the correct MyEtherWallet site as there are many phishing sites . It is quick and straightforward to do so don’t freak out!

You need to do this at least 48 hours before the 1st of June to claim the tokens.

Step One

Move all your EOS to a separate MyEtherWallet address along with 0.01 ETH (this is to send the EOS as you need ETH for your gas limit).

Step Two

Go to which is an EOS wallet key generator that will give you a new wallet address for your EOS when it moves away from being an ERC20 token.

Click on ‘Generate EOS key’, copy & paste the public and private keys and make sure they are kept safe – especially your private key as there is no way to recover this.

Step Three

On the top bar of the MyEtherWallet site, there is a button that says ‘Contracts’. Click that, go to the ‘select existing contract’ drop down box and click ‘EOS: Contribution’ and then ‘Access’.

Step Four

Read the instructions carefully that pop up on the screen.

Click on ‘select a function’ and go down to ‘register’. You will now need to paste in your new wallet PUBLIC address which should start with ‘EOS’. You will need to link up with the device or keys you are using. E.g. a Ledger Wallet which will give you access to your EOS and ETH coins that you put into the wallet previously. Click ‘write’.

Step Five

You will then be prompted to ‘execute a function on contract’. You can leave these settings as it automatically does it for you, it should be set at 0, and the gas limit should be over 90000 (this is why we had to move ETH previously). Then you will press ‘generate transaction’, and once the green box shows up at the bottom you are all done!

Step Six

If you would like to make sure you have done this correctly you can go to and on the left-hand side under ‘token registration’ you can enter the ETH address you used in MyEtherWallet to check if everything went smoothly.


Jaxx Wallet Users

If you are currently holding your EOS tokens in a Jaxx wallet, you can follow the official Jaxx walkthrough to register your tokens.

2 thoughts on “How to claim your EOS tokens

    • Hi Tony, good question! Yes, you will have to register the EOS tokens you have in your Jaxx wallet.
      Jaxx has published a helpful walkthrough with screenshots of the process that you can follow to do this.
      Just remember, you need to do this before June 1st to claim the protocol tokens.
      Please let us know if you run into any issues.

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