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Equity Offer


“Crossgate Capital considers crypto assets as part of the financial landscape with the potential to be an accepted asset class alongside equity and debt. However, it needs to be a lot easier for investors to invest. Removing the complications to invest is what we are all about”.

A compelling opportunity to obtain a diversified investment portfolio of crypto assets

Crossgate Capital is a New Zealand company established to make long-term investments into cryptocurrencies and thereby provides shareholders with the opportunity to invest in this relatively new digital asset class. Crossgate Capital understand that many investors would like to include digital assets as part of their investment portfolio, but do not have the necessary technological understanding to invest.

As such, Crossgate Capital is designed for those investors, who would like to include cryptocurrency as part of their overall investment portfolio and are looking for an easy on-ramp into this asset class. Crossgate Capital makes it possible by bringing together a team with general investment expertise and specific technical knowledge. Crossgate Capital has constructed a framework to buy and sell crypto assets whilst managing any security risks.

Equity Offer

This is an offer of ordinary shares which give you a stake in the ownership of Crossgate Capital Limited. 

You may receive a return if dividends are paid (although no dividends are expected to be paid in the short or medium term) or Crossgate Capital increases in value and you are able to sell your Shares at a higher price than you paid for them.

The minimum investment per shareholder is $100.

“An easy on-ramp into this asset class within a framework of strong governance”.

Portfolio Selection

Investment Strategy

In a world where growth is increasingly digital, we consider that digital assets will increase in relevance.

  • Investing in the more established crypto assets
    By investing in individual crypto assets with a market capitalisation of at least NZD $500 million as at the date of purchase, the objective is to build a diverse portfolio whist mitigating risk.

  • Early mover advantage
    For investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency which potentially could provide strong returns.

  • Long Term Investor
    We are a patient capital investor and have a long-term investment mandate.  Due to the high levels of volatility in this asset class, the approach is not to undertake an active trading program but to ‘buy and hold’.

  • Specialists
    When required, the Board will be engaging specialist cryptocurrency experts to assist them making investment decisions.

  • Trading and execution
    Benefits to removing the ‘pain points’ of investing individually and managing ownership of various crypto assets, including storage, security, trading and reporting.

  • Strong Governance and Compliance
    Crossgate Capital has a strong governance framework overseen by the experienced Board. The Directors currently hold board positions on both an NZX Main Board listed Fund and private companies. The compliance assurance program ensures the Board is acting in the best interests of Shareholders and that Crossgate Capital adheres to regulatory requirements. The framework, policies and processes are continually reviewed and if required updated to reflect the developing regulatory and compliance landscape.

Please read the PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (PDS) before deciding to buy shares in Crossgate Capital Limited

If you have any further questions or for Expressions of Interest, please use the contact form provided

Strong Security – stored offline in ‘cold storage’

Custody of crypto assets is a major security concern. The majority of crypto assets will be stored offline in ‘cold storage’. With cold storage, the digital wallet is stored on a platform that is not connected to the internet, thereby, protecting the wallet from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and other vulnerabilities that a system connected to the internet is susceptible to.

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As per all forms of investment, we highly recommend you read the PDS and seek independent financial advice before making any decisions.

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Please read the Crossgate Capital PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (PDS) thoroughly. If you have any further questions please fill out the contact form.

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