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BitPrime OTC is a digital asset trading platform with world-class infrastructure and deep pools of liquidity for Professional Traders and High Net-Worth Clients.

High Net Worth Individuals
High Net-worth Individuals
Fund Managers
Fund Managers
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Pro Investors
Professional Investors
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Why Use BitPrime OTC

Security & Insurance

3rd party custodian with best-in-class physical and digital security including processes designed to guard against collusion risk.

Cold storage is 100% air-gapped in highly secured vaults that protect against electronic influences.

Fully insured against loss, damage, destruction or theft of digital assets held.

Withdrawals must be signed by the customer, the custodian, and BitPrime to withdraw to pre-approved addresses only.

Fast Execution Time

3-hour turnaround (during weekdays) from fiat deposit to trade execution.

Much faster than using an international exchange.

Fiat Deposits

Accept deposits from $50k – $500k with trades of up to $30mil (by prior arrangement). No deposit fee.


Use BitPrime OTC to facilitate paying your employees in cryptocurrency.

Salary deposits are protected by BitPrime OTC’s Security & Insurance features.

Suitable for small to large organisations.

NZD Trading Pairs

Eliminates exchange rate risk; rates are competitive with major international cryptocurrency exchanges (after accounting for foreign exchange costs).

Currently Supported Trading Pairs:


USD Trading Pairs

USD trading pairs will be introduced at a later date to further compete with major international exchanges.

USD Trading Pairs Coming Soon:


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