At BitPrime, we focus on simplicity, education and security.

Why Use BitPrime to Buy, Sell, Swap Cryptocurrency?

Deal directly with an NZ based cryptocurrency retailer that puts simplicity, education and security above all else.

We Make Cryptocurrency Easy

Our retail trading process is designed to mimic any other online shopping experience to make your cryptocurrency experience as simple as possible. Once your account is approved you can:

Buy Over 100 of the Top Crypto Tokens We do the hard work behind the scenes to make buying cryptocurrency easy for everyone. Like any retailer, we have stock ready for you to purchase – this eliminates the risk of dealing with multiple international exchanges. 

Sell Crypto to Us – If you have crypto you want to sell then we’ll buy it! We pay NZD straight to your bank account for most cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto-Crypto Swaps – Should you wish to exchange one cryptocurrency you own for another, we have the option for you to do this too!

Buy Crypto With a Credit Card – Via one of our partners, you can opt to purchase crypto from our platform using your credit card.

BitPrime OTC Desk – Should you wish to purchase very large amounts of crypto, we have an alternate platform you can apply for once you’ve been approved for our standard account.

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Your Crypto Security Is Important to Us

We Are Non-Custodial – Unlike typical crypto exchanges, we don’t hold our customer’s digital assets – instead, we send your coins directly to your wallet so you retain full control.

This gives you peace of mind that your cryptocurrency can’t be frozen, stolen or lost like it can if a custodial provider is compromised. 

The safety of your crypto is our highest priority! 

We Provide FREE Expert Support and Advice

If you need help our Customer Support agents are available 24/7 via live chat and email.

Knowledge Base – We have a comprehensive collection of articles covering everything from wallet selection and set-up, how to use your BitPrime account, to frequently asked questions about crypto in general.

Blog – Additionally, we regularly publish articles covering all aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology including how-to guides on technical analysis, interviews with those involved in the industry, wallet safety tips and more. 

We are Off now.

We are launching The BitPrime Supporters Initiative. Learn more here.


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