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Top 10 Performing Cryptocurrencies so far in 2018

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Crypto Corrections in 2018

During 2018 we have seen substantial corrections in the price of all cryptocurrencies. Many who were hoping to get rich quick have jumped off the crypto train as prices started crashing at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, some experts are viewing this as a typical market cycle, and crying “HODL! HODL”.


Ranking Cryptocurrencies

Whatever the case, everybody loves to rank things, and crypto is no exception. There are many ways to rank the top cryptocurrencies. From market capitalisation, or price per coin, to largest blockchain company by value. In this article, we aim to rank the ten cryptocurrencies with the highest 30-day trading volume by the percentage change in value from January 1st – July 29th, 2018.



Please note, this ranking is intended as informational only. Do not take this article as financial or investment advice. Always be sure to do your due diligence first.


Top 10 Performing Cryptocurrencies of 2018

NameStart Price (NZD)Current Price (NZD)% ChangeVolume (30d)Official Site
Tether (USDT)1.491.47-1.34$119,282,930,189https://tether.to/
EOS (EOS)12.9312.22-5.49$30,309,128,868https://eos.io/
TRON (TRX)0.0660.054534-17.37$7,831,582,983https://tron.network/
Ethereum (ETH)1114.03688.26-38.22$71,069,176,792https://www.ethereum.org/
Ethereum Classic (ETC)41.3525.02-39.49$10,067,134,434https://ethereumclassic.github.io/
Bitcoin (BTC)20,802.0912,073.84-41.96$192,944,413,585https://bitcoin.org/
Litecoin (LTC)341.49123.8-63.75$12,501,191,132https://litecoin.com/
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)3,736.451,204.09-67.77$22,011,581,509https://www.bitcoincash.org/
Dash (DASH)1,553.75356.8-77.03$7,432,161,863https://www.dash.org/
XRP (XRP)3.390.669152-80.26$10,522,284,882https://ripple.com/xrp/
  • Start Price = Price per coin as of 1st Jan 2018.
  • Current Price = Price per coin as of the time of writing (29/07/2018).
  • % Change = Percent difference between Start Price and Current Price.
  • 30 Day Volume = Total monthly volume in NZD traded 30 days before and including 29/07/2018. 


Why it is Essential to Perform Your Own Analysis

Always remember that cryptocurrencies are representations, aka tokens, of an asset or a value within a network. The success of that network depends on a plethora of factors such as community participation, platform development, use cases, etc. Relative to the traditional stock market, cryptocurrency is in its infancy. It is absolutely essential to perform your own research when thinking of buying crypto. This research mimics what was mentioned in our ICO blog, such as reading whitepapers and researching the development team. At BitPrime, although we are unable to provide financial advice, we are more than happy to offer help setting up wallets or pointing you in the direction of useful, general resources. If you do have questions, please contact us. Otherwise, feel free to check out our other posts on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them.


Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for informational purposes only. Do not take this as personalised financial or investment advice. The opinions expressed by the author do not represent the opinion of BitPrime.

Last updated: 29/07/2018

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