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Six International Blockchain Experts to Speak in Auckland

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[Press Release] Six international blockchain experts to speak in Auckland

Blockworks has lined up six of the best from the world of blockchain for its conference on Friday 12th October speaking on topics ranging from how blockchain can power smart cities to supporting digital identity, and the finance, transport and services sectors.

Billed as New Zealand’s premier blockchain event showcasing the practical application of blockchain to business, Blockworks has also confirmed IBM and Air New Zealand as major name sponsors.

Another confirmed sponsor is ClearFoundation, a Kiwi company with a growing global footprint focused on open standards and open source that enables Blockchain technologies.

The international speakers from the worlds of business, academia and technology are:

  • Prof. Boyd Cohen (Spain) of the Blockchain Cities Alliance

  • Michael Williams from Microsoft Australia

  • Paul Hutchison from IBM ANZ

  • Natasha Blycha from the Sydney office of law firm Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Michael Proper (US) of the ClearFoundation

  • Savannah Peterson (US) founder of Savvy Millennial

Justin Flitter, founder of Blockworks

Justin Flitter, founder of Blockworks, says the week long event is an absolute must for anyone interested in learning about and being at the forefront of emerging blockchain technology and what it will mean for New Zealand:

“Blockworks is all about showing people the here and now of blockchain - this isn’t something that’s going to happen, it’s already here and the New Zealand based blockchain industry is growing rapidly,” he says.

“The reason for this is Blockchain’s wide ranging practical applications well-beyond where it started as the technology powering bitcoin.  It is set to transform business, Government and society so people mustn’t miss this opportunity to learn about what’s happening from some of the best minds in the world.”

One project that is leading the way and demonstrating the value of blockchain is the Australian National Blockchain or ANB.

Shahid Saiyad, IBM New Zealand Blockchain Leader
Shahid Saiyad, IBM New Zealand Blockchain Leader

IBM New Zealand Blockchain Leader Shahid Saiyad says Blockworks is the best place to show New Zealanders how blockchain has the power to transform all business contracts:

“IBM is a member of a consortium along with law firm Herbert Smith Freehills and CSIRO’s Data61, building Australia’s first cross-industry, large-scale, digital platform that will enable companies to use digitised contracts, exchange data and confirm the authenticity and status of legal contracts.

“This will be a significant new piece of infrastructure in the digital economy, allowing organisations to digitally manage the lifecycle of a contract over the term of the agreement, with transparency and permission-based access among parties in the network.

“It will give organisations of all sizes the ability to use blockchain-based smart contracts to trigger business processes and events.

“It is a great example of how blockchain technology will streamline and automate paper-based processes, that in turn will support more efficient and cost-effective business,” Shahid Saiyad says.

Blockchain’s attraction as a technology is its ability to deliver trust and security, because each block in a blockchain is a digital, tamper-proof record of information.

It’s built using cryptography, a way of storing and transmitting data so it can only be read and processed by the recipient, making it very effective in managing identity, financial information, social and medical records, transport and supply chain, and much more.

Blockworks will include a hackfest on 6th and 7th October at AUT, workshops on 11th and a full-day conference on Friday 12th at the ASB Waterfront Theatre in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter - it will give people a practical insight on the potential for blockchain to benefit Kiwis, bring prosperity and support New Zealand.

The three new sponsors join existing sponsors Microsoft, Centrality.ai, Cryptopia, AUT, NZTE, ATEED, NZ Blockchain Association, Storicom and Idealog.

Tickets for Blockworks are available at blockworks.co.nz




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