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[NEWS] Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Smartphone to Boost Blockchain Adoption

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Smartphone to Boost Blockchain Adoption

Samsung, the multinational electronics company based in South Korea, is releasing a new crypto and blockchain-friendly version of their smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10.

The smartphone, labelled KlaytnPhone, comes with a pre-installed cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain apps. The wallet will support cryptocurrencies such as ETH as well as other Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens.

This is a solid indication of Samsung’s support for blockchain technology as well as for cryptocurrencies.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, KlaytnPhone is named after Klaytn, the blockchain platform of Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary GroundX that went live in June 2019. The report also states that the smartphone will show the Klaytn logo whenever it is turned on or off.Klayton blockchain smartphone

Pre-Installed DApps

The blockchain apps that are pre-installed in the KlaytnPhone can also be accessed by non-Samsung Android users through Google’s Android system. The only difference is that only the version on the KlaytnPhone will support full-scale transactions on the Klaytn network.

The new Galaxy Note 10 version went on sale from September 5th 2019, but it will only be available in South Korea for $1000. Those who purchase the phone will get an undisclosed amount of Klay, the native cryptocurrency of the Klaytn blockchain. The tokens can be used to pay for transactions on the Klaytn blockchain.

The original version of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was launched in February 2019. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting its launch because the smartphone came with several decentralized applications and a cryptocurrency wallet. In addition to these features, the phone also has an excellent camera, intelligent performance, 5-G connectivity, and the first-ever Dynamic AMOLED display.

The crypto wallet and DApps were made possible by a new feature known as ‘Samsung Knox’. Samsung Knox allows secure storage of private keys for blockchain-based apps such as crypto wallets.

A month after launching the Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung unveiled Galaxy S10 decentralised apps. The apps include:

  • Crypto collectables platform Crypto Kitties
  • Crypto gaming platform Enjin
  • Beauty community Cosmee, and
  • Merchant payments service CoinDuck

Soon after, the tech company published a preview of the storage solution named Blockchain Keystore that has three features including; payments to merchants, digital signatures and crypto transfers, as well as storage.


In Summary

Samsung has shown a lot of support for the distributed ledger technology through devices such as the Note 10 and Galaxy Note S. The company also plans to extend its blockchain and cryptocurrency features to some of its lower-end devices. This will be a crucial move as it will increase the number of Samsung users who engage with digital currency and the blockchain technology in general.

Should Samsung manage to support blockchain on all its devices, millions of people will have the ability to interact with the blockchain network.  What’s more, the company's efforts to enable smartphone users to access blockchain technology will bring more ease in the use and adoption of blockchain technology.


About the author:

Jay Jackson is a blockchain enthusiast and a freelance writer at topcryptowriter.com. He works closely with brands (people, businesses and startups) in the crypto sphere. He currently writes Blog posts, Guides, Press releases, ICO reviews, eBooks & Whitepapers. You can find him on LinkedIn.


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Last updated: 06/09/2019

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