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8 World Use Cases of Ethereum

Reading Time: 4 minutes 8 World Use Cases of EthereumEthereum is the second generation blockchain platform that enables developers to create and run decentralised applications on it. The platform

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What Gives Cryptocurrencies Value?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What Gives Cryptocurrencies Value?Crypto critics often claim that digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others have no real value. The argument is that

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DeFi: The Future of Finance?

Reading Time: 7 minutes DeFi: The Future of Finance?Ethereum’s PlatformThe Ethereum platform has been evolving since it’s whitepaper was released in 2013, introducing many changes and finding new use

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How Governments are Using Blockchain

Reading Time: 5 minutes How Governments are Using BlockchainBlockchain has come a long way from being an obscure technology to one of the promising innovations today. Industry players both

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Consensus Algorithms: A Comprehensive View

Reading Time: 8 minutes Consensus Algorithms: A Comprehensive ViewConsensus AlgorithmsAs we know, the Blockchain is a ledger of transactions shared between participants of a network. There’s no central authority

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