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Exodus is a multi-asset desktop-based wallet available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and currently supporting over 90 tokens.

With Exodus, your data remains private as the wallet locally encrypts your private keys and transaction data. This means that it is stored on your own computer as opposed to an online server.

As well as having good security, Exodus incorporates a beautiful, customisable interface that makes your cryptocurrency portfolio look visually incredible.

Exodus gives blockchain asset investors a platform to secure, exchange and manage wealth inside one beautiful application.


Version 1.54.0 Updates

The latest Exodus release includes major design and user-interface alterations, as well as the addition of a new ERC-20 token.

Firstly, the design team have implemented a uniform, hexagonal backdrop for all token logos. Prior to this update, the shape of logos was as per the token itself. Some square, some round, and some triangular.

Perhaps the most useful update is to the wallet’s portfolio tab. All assets are now displayed in rows as opposed to grids. In addition, your portfolio now displays current market capitalisation, 24-hour volume, and 24-hour change.

The last visual additions include displaying both fiat value and crypto amounts side-by-side. Also, Exodus have added a new skin, named “Vessel”, that you use to personalise the background of the app.

If you wish to read the full release notes you can do so on Exodus’ Medium post.


Exodus Wallet Portfolio


Supported Coins/Tokens

As of the time of writing Exodus now supports the storage of 93 cryptocurrencies. For your convenience I have compiled a table listing those below:


0x (ZRX) EOS (EOS) Power Ledger (POWR)
AdToken (ADT) Ethereum (ETH) Qash (QASH)
Aeron (ARN) Ethereum Classic (ETC) QTUM (QTUM)
Aeternity (AE) Ethos (ETHOS) Quantstamp (QSP)
Aion (AION) FirstBlood (1ST) Raiden (RDN)
AirSwap (AST) FunFair (FUN) RChain (RHOC)
Amber (AMB) GenesisVision (GVT) Request (REQ)
AppCoins (APPC) Gnosis (GNO) Revain (R)
Aragon (ANT) Golem (GNT) Ripio (RCN)
Augur (REP) ICON (ICX) Rivetz (RVT)
Augur (REP) Iconomi (ICN) SALT(SALT)
Bancor (BNT) iExec RLC (RLC) Santiment (SAN)
Basic Attention Token (BAT) Kin (KIN) SingularDTV (SNGLS)
Bitcoin (BTC) KuCoin (KCS) Status (SNT)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Kyber (KNC) Storj (STORJ)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Litecoin (LTC) Storm (STORM)
Bread (BRD) Loopring (LRC) Substratum (SUB)
ChainLink (LINK) Lunyr (LUN) TAAS (TAAS)
Cindicator (CND) Maker (MKR) TenX (PAY)
Civic (CVC) Matchpool (GUP) Time Bank (TNB)
Dai (DAI) MediShares (MDS) Tron (TRX)
Dash (DASH) Melonport (MLN) VBinance (BNB)
Decentraland (MANA) Metal (MTL) VeChain (VEN)
Decred (DCR) Mithril (MITH) Veritaseum (VERI)
Dent (DENT) Monaco (MCO) Vertcoin (VTC)
Dentacoin (DCN) Numeraire (NMR) Viberate (VIB)
Digibyte (DGB) OmiseGo (OMG) Walton (WTC)
DigixDAO (DGD) Pillar (PLR) Wax (WAX)
District0x (DNT) Po.et (POE) WeTrust (TRST)
Dragon (DRGN) Polymath (POLY) Wings (WINGS)
Edgeless (EDG) Populous (PPT) Zcash (ZEC)


In Summary

Exodus is a desktop wallet supporting numerous cryptocurrencies which offers an easy-to-use, customizable interface to beautifully display your portfolio. Because your private keys are encrypted and stored locally, Exodus also offers good security and privacy.

The team at Exodus dedicate themselves to providing a blockchain asset experience that “just works for normal people”. Alternatively, Exodus offers 24/7 worldwide support at exodus.io. With the goal of making design a priority it is always exciting to see how their development team improves their product next.


More Info

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Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as personalised financial or investment advice. The opinions expressed by the author do not represent the opinion of BitPrime.

Last updated: 02/07/2018

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