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3 New Zealanders Use Non-Fungible Tokens as Digital Art to Help Charity

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3 New Zealanders Use Non-Fungible Tokens as Digital Art to help Charity

Digital Charity Art Logo
Digital Charity Art Logo

Digital Charity Art is a small team of three New Zealanders who share a passion for the promise of blockchain and digital technology and the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world by focusing on thematic digital art projects aligned with various charitable sectors. The ultimate goal of Digital Charity Art is to harness the enthusiasm and vast potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and channel it towards the organisations that need help the most.


What is a Non Fungible Token?

Non-fungible essentially means that something is unique; think of a one of a kind item such as the original Dick Frizzell's watercolour and gouache on paper, "Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke" artwork. Conversely, the fungible Mickey to Tiki's are the multitude of prints you can buy.

A non-fungible token refers to any unique digital asset that can be traded the same way as Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example. While NFTs have been around since 2014, the NFT craze we're now seeing comes from utilising them to buy and sell digital artwork.

We will dive deeper into NFTs in another article, but let's get back to Digital Charity Art for now.

Example of NFT art
An example of Digital Charity Art's Ambassador Shell from Digital Oceans.

Digital Charity Art's Mission

Digital Charity Art is dedicated to ensuring that the cryptocurrency space is an environment for personal growth and community and societal growth by working with charities in New Zealand (and internationally) to build an understanding of the incredible work they do every day. They're using digital art to help charity!

The team aims to connect various charities with new, innovative funding sources that may otherwise be difficult to access. By donating up to 90% of their profits from selling exclusive digital collectables via NFT art to charity, they hope to make a real impact.

Their first project, Digital Oceans, consists of 10,000 unique, marine-based NFTs designed to raise awareness for some of the exceedingly worrying issues facing our oceans. The digital artwork will have a sale period of two weeks before utilising blockchain technology to ensure a transparent donation is made to the charities they're working with.

Digital Oceans crafted an NFT design highlighting fundamental issues facing our oceans and marine life while bringing an element of lightness and whimsy to them. All of their collectables feature a sea turtle named Ambassador Shell. The common collectables with Ambassador Shell show pollution, sewage, oil mining, bleached coral, and a lack of other marine life, among other attributes. These attributes were designed to showcase how tragically ordinary this damage is and how frequently it occurs. The rare collectables with Ambassador Shell see the environment improved with coral and marine life returning and less pollution. Finally, the legendary designs depict an aquatic environment free from pollution, with thriving marine life and many exciting accessories for Ambassador Shell to use (think of a turtle with a top hat and monocle on!).

Meet the Digital Charity Art Team

Joshua Digital Charity Art

Joshua, Project Manager & Code Developer.

Jarden Digital Charity Art

Jarden, Ecologist & Biology PhD student.

Grace Digital Charity Art

Grace, NFT Designer & Head of Marketing.


Click to Expand and Read More About the Team


I'm an Officer in the New Zealand Army and live with my fiancé and my Samoyed doge in Palmerston North. I studied Maths and Physics at Sydney University and spent most of my summers working as a lifeguard, primarily on Auckland’s coasts. I've been coding part-time for several years and have a working knowledge of python and java (but don’t claim to be any kind of expert)! Blockchain tech has been a fascination of mine for years, and Digital Charity Art was born from a simple question, why aren’t charities benefiting from this technological trend?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are amazing, versatile pieces of technology that are more than the countless jpegs and headlines you see with flabbergasted reporters scratching their heads. We believe NFTs will be the backbone of the new collectable economy and have many use-cases representing real-world physical ownership and programmability to reflect changes in external information.

It's our mission to ensure charities benefit from this trend, and our first project: Digital Oceans provides many perks of ownership that separates us from other NFT collectables on the market.

I run a small eco-centric business offering ecology-based services including surveying, surveillance, and monitoring. Nature is my calling, so to speak.

I grew up in New Zealand, camping every holiday and diving from the boat. These were by far my favourite childhood memories and influenced my future.

Seeing the underwater world as a child and visiting these same spots as an adult has really put into perspective the necessity to preserve our ocean spaces. Kina barrens have taken over, the fish are smaller and less plentiful, and rubbish is now not uncommon to find.

My interests include hiking, diving and botany. I find peace and some sense of connection with life when in nature, and I believe it is integral to keeping our psyche healthy. I find great pleasure in promoting and protecting nature, and for this reason, I am exceptionally grateful to be a part of Digital Charity Art.

My other skills include website development and communications, which have become my main roles within DCA. I believe in our product and our business model; it is something special that can genuinely make a difference to the charities we support.

I am currently a Business Analyst, and I have a background in analysis and research, having completed my Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from Victoria University. I have been practising photography and post-production in my spare time for the last ten years, with a particular enthusiasm for film photography and development and surrealism.

I've been interested in blockchain and the crypto space for the last five years and actively interested in the NFT market.

I have a strong interest in conservation and human rights, with specific passions surrounding animal protection and women’s rights.

These combined interests and experiences have led me to pursue this charity-based company with a fantastic team.

I firmly believe that we can make a difference through Digital Charity Art, and I am committed to our goal of ensuring charities around the world benefit from our hard work.


Powered by Polygon

When considering what blockchain network to deploy on, Digital Charity Art had two primary considerations; that the blockchain infrastructure was environmentally friendly and that they had a great ecosystem and support channels.

When supporting charities, particularly those wanting to improve our environment, such as the work done by the marine charities they’re looking at working with, it’s essential to abide by sustainable practices. Polygon (previously known as Matic) ticks all of these boxes and requirements that the team considered, being a fast and eco-friendly blockchain with excellent customer service and support.

They also considered Avalanche and several other blockchain networks, however ultimately, Polygon understood their vision and showed great enthusiasm to move forward with Digital Charity Art’s project.


nft artwork
Ambassador Shell features in a range of marine-based collectable digital artwork (NFTs).

What Does the Future Hold for Digital Charity Art?

Digital Charity Art hopes that their first project, Digital Oceans, is just one of many projects they create to help charities and people's lives worldwide. The plan for future projects includes creating bespoke NFTs and working with charities in rainforest conservation, wildlife preservation, humanitarian aid work and women's rights.

The intention is for their NFT projects to have a unique synergy between them and perks for the owner to differentiate what they're doing in the NFT marketplace. For instance, holding one of their NFTs will provide owners perpetual discounts for future projects, access to merchandise, and entry into exclusive activities! While they haven't revealed more details on these activities yet, they plan to offer the chance to be physically or mentally challenged in a way that supports charities while providing an opportunity to earn prizes.

"At Digital Charity Art, we want to connect charities to new possibilities for funding and drive awareness to their causes. We think there is an incredible collaboration opportunity that we can create between charities and NFTs. We're committed to doing everything we can to explore this potential." - Grace, NFT Designer & Head of Marketing.


How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about this exciting new project using digital art to help charity, connect with the organisation via their website or social media profiles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OceansNFTs

Website: www.digitalcharityart.co.nz


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Last updated: 29/09/2021

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