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Denarium: Next Generation Physical Bitcoin

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Denarium: Next Generation Physical Bitcoins

Denarium, the manufacturer of the physical Bitcoin Denarium Bitcoin, was founded by Finnish company Prasos. Prasos was first launched in 2012 and operate leading Bitcoin exchanges and brokerages in addition to Denarium.

Denarium believes Bitcoin is 'digital gold' and that these physical Bitcoins are an excellent means of combining both traditional gold with digital gold. The price of Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, reached parity with gold in 2017 (1BTC equalling one ounce of gold) and these coins are a celebration of that.

The Denarium Bitcoin is a physical coin which acts as a secure "paper," or cold, wallet and is used to store actual Bitcoin value inside. Paper wallets are a fantastic option for securely storing Bitcoin offline and eliminating the risk of hacking. Physical Bitcoins also provide an extremely private and anonymous way of exchanging crypto without leaving any trace, just as cash does.




Denarium employs a unique way of ensuring the security of the Bitcoin stored in the physical coin. All coins come with a Bitcoin private key in the 30-character format. Private keys are only printed once in both plain text and as a QR code, and each phase of the assembly that involves private keys is supervised directly by either Henry Brade (CEO) or Viljami Raisa (CPO). The private key is protected by a high-quality, custom-made holographic security seal to increase anti-fraud security by making it virtually impossible to counterfeit without leaving visible marks.


For consumers looking for an extra layer of security Denarium have introduced the use of 2-of-2 multisig. This is where your own public key is combined with the Denarium coin key creating a P2SH (Pays to Script Hash) address. To access the Bitcoin in the Denarium coin, the user will input both their own private key and the private key inside the coin.

The final security measure Denarium employs is an activation process to protect the Bitcoin value while in transit. There is a Shipment code which is printed on a card that comes with the physical coin, and there is an Email code which comes via email. Both codes are necessary to activate and fund the Denarium coins which render the coins useless to anyone who steals them during the shipping process.



Diameter: 30 mm / 1.181 inches
Weight: 1 Troy ounce (31,10 g / 1.097 ounces)
Material: .999 Fine Gold (99.9% gold)

Denarium 1 BTC Gold manufacturing:

  • Batch #1: 23 units
  • Batch #2: 48 units
  • Batch #3: 65 units

Limited Edition series with a total of 136 coins minted.



Other Denarium Products

The coins themselves are made of high-quality brass, silver or gold. The original Denarium coins first appeared in 2015, are made of gold plated brass or solid brass, and are available in denominations of 1/10 BTC, 1/100 BTC. Denarium also has a range of collector's edition coins available. In early 2016, Denarium produced a limited run of 1 Troy ounce .999 Fine Silver coins with a 1 BTC value. Only 250 of these coins were minted. Later in 2016, a limited run of 100 1 Troy ounce .999 Fine Silver with a patinated finish was also released. To combine traditional gold with digital gold the first batch of 49 1/2 Troy ounce .999 Fine Gold coins were made available and can be purchased empty or loaded with 0.5 BTC. The ultimate coin available is a 1 Troy ounce .999 Fine Gold coin that was released to celebrate the 2017 price parity event of 1 BTC and 1 Troy ounce of gold. Only 136 of these coins have been minted. Finally, there is a custom gold plated brass coin available which can be purchased empty or preloaded with 0.01 BTC to 2 BTC.



How to Buy a Denarium Physical Bitcoin

Please visit the official Denarium site for more information on purchasing. Please note that they have ceased manufacturing these collector's coins now and once they're sold out there will be no more available.


Last updated: 27/10/2020

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