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Blockworks: Blockchain Technology’s “Coming Out Party”

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Blockworks: Blockchain Technology’s “Coming Out Party”

“Blockchain is so much more than just bitcoin - that’s where it started but we want to change the conversation and get people to understand its potential. In a way, Blockworks will be this technology’s coming out party when it reveals its true identity” Justin Flitter, Founder of Blockworks & AI-DAY.

In October, a three-part blockchain technology event will take place on Auckland’s Waterfront. Comprised of a Hackfest, workshops, and a full-day conference, there’s something for everyone interested in practical blockchain applications in New Zealand. Blockworks mission is to highlight the technology’s potential in business, government, and society. Showcasing applications from digital identity to finance, smart cities, supply chain, transport and services, a host of experts will be present.


Blockworks Hackfest


The Blockworks Hackfest is a free event hosted by Centrality on the weekend of the 6th and 7th October. There are two parts to the Hackfest: an open hack, and a challenge.

In the open hack, teams present their ideas to learn how blockchain technology presents new ways to bring those ideas to life. There is the chance to secure entry to the Centrality Accelerator program, worth over $100,000 (see the official Press Release here).

The second part of hackfest involves a challenge set on the day. In this, you will be working to solve current business problems with blockchain tech. Again, there will be prizes up for grabs.


Blockworks Workshops


On October 11th, a series of five 90-minute blockchain workshops will be hosted by various industry experts. The workshops, designed for beginners through to tech professionals, cover a wide range of topics. Spaces are limited to 100 attendants, so register your interest quickly.

To briefly summarise the topics covered: the first workshop (non-techie) will cover blockchain tech for beginners. This includes how the technology differs from crypto, and the processes blockchain can help optimise. Microsoft covers the Azure Blockchain Workbench and Solidity smart contracts in the second workshop (technical). In the third (non-techie), Centrality will demonstrate their platform and apps. The last workshop (technical) will be a demonstration by IBM. For more details and ticketing info, please visit this site.


Blockworks Conference


Finally, on the 12th of October, the full-day conference will take place followed by a networking after party. There will be talks from industry experts as well as panel discussions. Savannah Peterson, founder of Savvy Millennial, will be the MC for the event.

For full details on the speakers presenting at Blockworks, visit the official site.

“Blockworks will be an event where people will learn the benefits of blockchain technology for themselves, organisations, Government, communities and the country as a whole - it will be really hands-on: anyone with an eye on the future needs to come and be part of it” Justin Flitter, Founder of Blockworks & AI-DAY.

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Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed by the author do not represent the opinion of BitPrime.

Images courtesy of Blockworks NZ.

Last updated: 29/03/2018

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