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Will Bitcoin’s Defense of Major Support Spark Price Bounce to USD9,600?

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Will Bitcoin’s Defense of Major Support Spark Price Bounce to USD9,600?

Bitcoin has repeatedly defended the 200-day moving average support in the last week. This defence indicates a likely end of the pull-back from $10,350 and a bounce to $9,601 (USD).

Bitcoin started the week negatively by shedding 3.56 per cent and forming a candle with a long upper shadow on Monday. This candle was an indication of buyer exhaustion as well as an opening for a more significant drop to the former resistance-turned-support level of $8,820.

But so far, the downward movement has stopped around the 200-day moving average - widely used to measure a long-term market trend.

The crypto coin, which is the leading cryptocurrency by market value, dropped to $8,985 on Thursday, which is below the 200-day moving average. Luckily, it soon recovered. A similar drop below the critical average occurred on Tuesday, but it was a shallow and short-lived one.

Similarly, Bitcoin almost tested the moving average at $9,046. This "test" happened during the Asian trading hours before the price short back to highs close to $9,200.

The continued defence of the significant support is an indication of the end of the low-volume pull back from the $10,350 high that Bitcoin reached the Friday before.

Currently, BTC is trading at USD9,120 on Bitstamp, which is a 0.40 per cent gain every 24 hours. 

On Thursday, Bitcoin formed a Doji candle, which happens when there is two way business in the market and a UTC. A Doji candlestick signals indecision in the marketplace.

However, the latest pattern which has happened after a $1,000 pull from $10,350 shows that sellers are either undecided or exhausted near the 200-day moving average support. 

Consequently, there may be a bounce to the 100-day moving average at $9,601 in the next 24-hours.

Daily Chart

price bounce

When prices pulled back from $10,350 to $9,000, trading volumes dropped. Such low-volume pull-backs often reverse; so the price might rally back to $10,350.

In the last six days, Bitcoin has failed to close above the 100-day moving average three times. As a result, should the bulls manage a UTC close above this average, they will invite stronger buying pressure and a move above $10,350.

3-Day Chart

In the three days to October 27, Bitcoin jumped 28 per cent. This jump reinforced the bullish view that was put forward by the 100-candle moving average’s move above the 200-candle moving average confirmed in mid-October.

What's more, the highest trading volume (all-time high) since February 2018 backs this sharp rise.

Hourly Chart

According to the hourly chart, if the horizontal support line at $8,977 is breached with substantial volumes, then the case for a rally to $9,600 in the next 24 hours would weaken.

This movement would expose the support lined up at the October high of $8,820, and a violation of this level would be disastrous as the next significant level of support is lined up at close to $8,400.


About the author:

Jay Jackson is a blockchain enthusiast and a freelance writer at topcryptowriter.com. He works closely with brands (people, businesses and startups) in the crypto sphere. He currently writes Blog posts, Guides, Press releases, ICO reviews, eBooks & Whitepapers. You can find him on LinkedIn.


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Last updated: 05/11/2019

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